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Trailer: Seth MacFarlane Directs, Co-Writes and Stars in “A Million Ways To Die in the West”

The last time that animation artists starred in a major live-action film was 1998’s BASEketball with South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The film flopped.

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane hopes to avoid that fate with the raunchy Western comedy A Million Ways To Die in the West, which he directed, co-wrote (with Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild) and stars as leading man. The cast also includes Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson, Amanda Seyfried, Neil Patrick Harris, Sarah Silverman, and Giovanni Ribisi.

MacFarlane’s live-action smash Ted proved that he can deliver a hit in this format, but that film had the benefit of featuring MacFarlane as an animated teddy bear. His limitations as an in-the-flesh actor are much more readily apparent in this trailer. Universal will release the film on May 30th in the United States.

  • jonhanson

    I really enjoyed the trailer, but I also really enjoyed Ted. I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for dumb comedies and this cast’s pretty great. Just things like the timing when he knocks the bottles down gets me, I think one of the hallmarks of good comedy is when you can see a joke coming but when it lands the execution still makes you laugh.

    That said, Seth MacFarlane always comes off as a douche to me in and I’m not sure what 90 minutes of him will be like. He’s just always got that face of smug-self superiority.

  • Marvin

    It might be the “Blazing Saddles” of this summer. Except there’s zero shock left to shock in 2014, unless it screens at Sunday schools.

  • JaronieJabronie

    So…it’s a “Ranch-y” comedy?

  • Roberto Severino

    Holy crap! Another huge reason for me to watch this movie. I love Sarah Silverman.

  • Gag me with a spoon

    Ugh, looks smarmy and unfunny. Okay, the smarm might just be Seth, but the movie does not look funny.

  • jonhanson

    The good thing about Cosmos is that from everything I’ve heard NDT is the one who’s going to be running the show, and there’s a guy who’s always welcome as far as I’m concerned.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    I actually laughed–perhaps Seth can actually pull this off, proving that he doesn’t have to voice something animated to be successful. The bottle scene was funny–it seemed a lot like something Peter Griffin would do. Also, during the Indian scene, MacFarlane says “Mila Kunis,” which is kind of funny.

    • Funkybat

      When I heard “Mila Kunis” in the Indian scene, it made me wonder if any of what the characters was saying was in an actual Native language, or if they were all basically talking gibberish. I guess it falls to a Native American familiar with various languages (it’s not like there’s just *one*) to answer that question.

  • I’d be lying if I said that trailer didn’t make me laugh. So far it even looks funnier than Ted! I shall keep an eye out for this.

  • YourNewDad

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  • Generation Eccch

    Seth looks more like a grown-up Peter Brady in this movie than the actual grown-up Peter Brady. Maybe he’ll go to the Grand Canyon and get locked up in jail then meet an Indian boy and eat beans out of a flashlight.

  • Ant G

    I love the options for the female characters; a hoe, golddigger, or a smoking hot eye candy. Seems like they were going for the sexism found in that era as well.

  • Steven Bowser

    I’d like it more without the gratuitous sexual humor. But the horrible deaths (the gimmick the film is named after) were really funny to me.

  • Roberto Gonzalez

    I was thinking why this looks funnier to me than most of what he has done when the humor is not really that different. First it’s the setting, a comic western is more original than the regular family sitcom. Secondly his animated style is so boring that everything looks subdued. In a life Action movie the wacky concepts actually look cartoony in comparison. And to end it all he has some good actors and comedians in it.

    Or maybe the trailer is edited very well.

  • Funkybat

    This film was not exactly on my “must see” list, but after seeing the trailer, I think it could be fun. I don’t mind the idea of a crass, vulgar take on the “western” genre at all. Not every western has to be serious or gritty. I guess the only thing that bugs me is the absolutely anachronistic language. I think it would have been more fun if the characters spoke in some kind of phony dialect based off of actual 19th century frontier vocabulary and accent, but were still just as vulgar and crass in their behavior and comments. The characters in “Django Unchained” were hardly historically accurate, but no one sounded like they were from the 21st century, except maybe Samuel L., but he always sounds the way he sounds.

    One of the things I loved about David Milch’s Deadwood was how completely vulgar and politically incorrect it was, because the fact is, that’s pretty much how it was for most people in that place and time. Milch admittedly took some liberties with the slang, using some more modern curses in place of actual ones that are so archaic that they would sound more amusing than forceful to our ears. I can deal with that level of “artistic liberty”, especially for a dirty comedy by the Family Guy team. But when I heard “welcome to our awesome town” and such it just rubbed me the wrong way, like they weren’t even trying to put them in the period.

  • Funkybat

    While the merits of Seth MacFarlane’s drawing ability or sense of humor are certainly open to debate, there is no denying that the dude is very talented. Even putting aside his range as a voice actor and singer, he’s managed to head a virtual animation mini-empire after having a hit that was then sabotaged into cancellation by network nonsense. Still, it’s kind of amazing how far he’s come, I think even Seth circa 2003 would probably be surprised at how successful Seth circa 2014 has managed to be.

  • akira

    i hope it’s a success so that he stays the F out of animation

  • Barrett

    I’m not gonna lie; I really hope there is some gratuitous nudity included in her role. Man, does that girl rev my racecar…

  • tom bancroft

    This is horribly corruptive and excessive, and it will be a huge hit.

  • Jed G Martinez

    Did anyone see Seth McFarlane and ‘Ted’ together (for the first time) on Super Bowl Sunday? During the four-hour “Pre-Game Show”, they were talking about “A Million Ways To Die In The West”, and how they couldn’t air the trailer to the film during the prime-time telecast. You have to go to a specific website to view it. Just in case anyone is wondering…

  • Duane Moody

    That film went south SO FAST