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Artist of the Day: Nicolas Weis

Nicolas Weis

Continuing our week of looking at some of The Croods crew’s work, take a look at the art of Nicolas Weis, who served as a visual development artist on the film.

Nicolas WeisNicolas WeisNicolas Weis

His website is full of sketchbook drawings of fantastic structures, observational drawing and many dragons, which he comments “are like kitten videos, people like them…”

Nicolas Weis

The simple, rapid blots and washes of watercolor over pencil and pen lend his creatures an energetic liveliness and a real sense that they could exist in our chaotic, gritty, physical world.

Nicolas WeisNicolas Weis
  • Tim

    Beautiful work!

  • Excellent work.

  • Holy crap, I’ve been staring at this stuff for so long now. It’s all so incredible and unique. Amazing drawings!

  • great work! *-*