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For All the Velma Fans Out There


It’s a special day when the quality of fan art exceeds the artistry of its animated source material. Then again, with Scooby-Doo, the bar was never set that high to begin with. The entire image – possibly NSFW – is after the jump. If you know who the artist is, please share the info in the comments.

  • heh, it’s by an artist calling himself “Qiqo”

    heres the link:

    most of the stuff is anime though!

  • Lawrence


  • I don’t wanna critcize the artist too much (because he is definitely a more talented artist than I will ever be), but IMO there is nothing special about this picture. You find tons of stuff like that on sites like Deviantart for every single cartoon character. Sometimes more, sometimes less pornographic, but I saw more fanart of cartoon characters, where they have oversized boobs, are drawn in teasing poses and be reminiscent of Anime characters (not necessarily at the same time), than sunsets.

    I’m not bashing the artist of that one, but as I, as the Velma fanboy that I am, saw the headline, I wasn’t hoping for something that I saw a million times before.

  • amid

    Jay: Thanks for the ident! Boy, you guys are fast =)

    CJ: I don’t spend as much time as I should browsing sites like DeviantArt, though I know there’s a lot of great artists on there. If you don’t think this is special, how about sharing some artists that you feel are doing amazing work on DA so we can all learn about them.

  • Great drawing, but if he wanted to draw a sexy girl why didn’t he choose Daphne to begin with?

    He draw Velma’s face cuter, but even in this drawing the legs seem too long and sexy for the character.

    • j

      Velma is WAY hotter than Daphne.

  • John A

    He got a litle sloppy around the knees, but otherwise, the artist did a damned fine job. I too have been of the opinion that Velma’s oversized lumpy sweaters were just an insecure girl’s attempt to disguise a pair of monster sized boobs.

  • I suffered through too many seasons of “Scooby Doo” at Hanna-Barbera some years ago. This Velma would sure have helped ease the pain.

  • OM


  • Christopher Cook

    The problem with fanart like this is the same problem the live-action Scooby movies had–trying to make Velma a sexpot. She never was and she was happy with that.

    At Comic-Con awhile back, I did perchance see a very suggestive poster of Penelope Pitstop.

  • Okay, maybe it wasn’t really clear what I meant. (Sorry, english is not my first language.) I’m not saying that this picture is bad or that there is something wrong with the way it’s drawn and people are not allowed to like it. It’s just that I already saw so many of sexy (insert cartoon character here)__________________ fanarts, from ugly doodles to real masterpieces that I would put in a frame over my bed, that I just don’t see anything special in this one. It’s a beautiful picture, without a doubt, but my first thought when I saw it was underwhelming. I expected from the headline and the fact that it’s on Cartoonbrew something better than “just” a piece of fanart.
    I repeat, it looks great and the artist is very talented, I agree with that. Just the topic of the picture is for me pretty overdone, if you know what I mean. Whenever I’m looking for fanart, the first pictures I find are pictures of sexy poses and non-anime characters drawn in anime style. And you can only see a few of them, before it gets boring.

  • The great Chris Wahl has been doing something similar in a Drawing Board thread: Betty Rubble=NSFW!

  • Steve Gattuso

    I think the problem with the Scooby-Doo series is that they treated Thelma as the stereotypical nerd with nothing but brains and no looks, and I’ve been to too many SF cons to believe THAT one.

    As for Daphne being sexy, I find little to attract one to a vacuum.

  • Shaggy

    Zoinks, Scoob!

  • pappaPeet

    I’d hit it.

  • I don’t mean to criticize CJ Holden, but I’ve seen posts like yours a million times, every day on any number of boards. I imagine that if you frequent sites like Deviantart, or places like Rule #34, this image and others like it would all too familiar to you. However, I doubt most Scooby fans go trolling the net trying to find every risque picture of Velma in existence. What exactly did you think you were going to see when you clicked on the headline C.J.? Hmm? It might not be a special picture to you, but some would see this as a bit of a reinvention. A totally fresh look at the character and her universe. Yes, some things are not old and threadbare to other people. Perhaps you remember a time when things were new? When the encounters you had with the world engaged your mind? That’s the problem w/ the internet. Any kid could go look at the Mona Lisa and say “I’ve seen better”, “This is old” ,etc. You can’t say “I’m not bashing him”, and then turn around and comment “nothing special”. You are making a crit, qualified or not. It is special, and an accomplished piece. I feel emotion and sincerity coming off this image. Instead of rolling your eyes and pretending you’ve already seen everything in world when something is brought up, you could actually volunteer some information for the rest of us poor unfortunates. And truly, if you feel nothing is being said here, why don’t you create something of your own and expose it to the world.

  • I like it. It gets me in all the right places. But then I always knew she was kind of naughty.

  • Amid said pretty much what I was thinking regarding how some fanart is more inspirational than the shows they’re based from.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Welcome to the world of fanart, where things are not what they seem at all, and it’s all purely artist-intended! I’ve seen stuff like this all the time to realize how full of BS these guys can be, but I can’t help peeking at more and love every moment of it! As long as they do not do the self-insertion deals I’m fine with it.

  • Gobo

    It’s for the ladies, but I like it too!

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Idea for new Scooby Doo live-action movie:

    Opening credits sequence: Mystery van crashes and Shaggy, Fred & Scooby all burn to death, (screaming hideously.)

    Fade out/in. Scene 1: Daphne and Velma emerge unscathed – however, all their clothing has burnt off.

    Cut to: Velma POV – reveal naked Daphne.
    VELMA: “You look like you could use a massage…”

    Dissolve to: 2 hour steamy montage sequence…

    Cut to: Daphne (disheveled) looks at cam. wearing Velma’s glasses (askew).
    DAPHNE: “Jinkies!”

    Fade out. The end.

  • Sunday

    Ah ha, this was one of two main Velma fanarts which made the rounds for a while over at those imageboard sites. Just so the pair isn’t split up for Brew readers, here’s the other one (NSFW):

  • WanderingLoon

    I remember seeing this picture a long time ago!
    You should check out his Deviant Art page as well:

    I’ve bought one of his sketchbooks at a convention in Toronto last year. He’s pretty talented and versatile. I prefer his less anime drawings but he doesn’t seem to post much of them.

  • Qiqo is a toronto animator and character designer. This image is from his self published sketchbook which has proven hugely popular for us. If you know Qiqo, you know he’s got a sense of humour about this sort of stuff.

  • Keith Bryant

    Look at the size of those Scooby Snax!

  • Andrew

    Yeah, like some people said, it IS definitely better than how she looked in the original show, and it’s a good piece in itself. But you see many of these things online everywhere! It’s not a bad thing- I’m so glad people never forget classic cartoons and develop their takes on them- but it isn’t really animation news if these have been around for a long time. Now doing a COVERAGE on the history of these fanart, that might give you some leeway.

  • Isaac

    This is standard pornography. On top of that, it has all the anime pitfalls and clichés (clenched hand pressed against body, bent facial structure, edges that point to strange places). The mouth is strikingly ill-shaped, makes it look like the two sides of the face are sewn together crookedly.

  • Isaac

    To illustrate my point:

    The second result is nearly identical to this. Art? This isn’t art. It’s a “copy of a copy of a copy”.

  • I always thought she was prettier than Daphne. And this proves it. ;)

  • Freddy

    Daphne should hand in her resignation now

  • Oh, what Preston Blair could have done with this…

  • WanderingLoon

    Oh Isaac, You’ve just described every single drawing in the history of mankind.

  • This guy draws the best Ninja Turtles on all of DeviantArt:

    the turtles are here:

  • Mudron

    I’m no fan of the “Animes” or the ‘Mangas” myself, but this drawing looks nothing like the images you pulled up on that image search, Isaac. Sure, this doodle is influenced by Japanese pinup art, but to call it a copy of any specific image on that page is ridiculous *and* makes you look like an irrationally angry/confused old coot.

  • Adam Van Meter

    Ah, Velma, daydream of so many a nerdy guy who grew up on Scooby Doo.
    Thanks for posting this. It sure came out of left field, as CB posts go.

  • J.Shamblin

    It’s a sexy drawing, but I don’t understand what makes it pornographic? What year is this again?

  • Oliver

    “What year is this again?”

    Hey, just a week or so ago we had someone use ‘beatnik’ as an insult.

    Shaggy, get a haircut, you hippie!

  • Danny R. Santos

    I don’t see any reason to criticize this art, it’s pretty well done.
    Kudos to the artist ;)

  • I dig this one too. I like the subtle color palette and the rendering –and the linework is tasty too. I can’t see the point of hating on this, except of course maybe wishing that one had done it first?

    Ah well… to the library!

  • Len

    What is effective about this picture is that it sexualizes asexual subject matter. The intersection between the boyish, no-nonsense Velma we know from the cartoon and the come-hitherness of the vixen we see here creates a kind of dissonant boundary-pushing in the viewer. Whereas most guys would see being paired off with the Hanna-Barbera version of Velma as an imposition, here they would wholly welcome the fantasy of being alone with her as something entirely new, exciting, and unexpected. The same cannot be said of a hyper-feminized Daphne because many heterosexual males in childhood have already desired the Hanna-Barbera version on some level.

  • TheGunheart

    I kinda like this artist from Thailand myself:

    Also, I frankly don’t care about sexualizing cartoon characters. It’s well drawn, sure, but it simply makes the character a playing for the artist. It’s not the character herself, just a pinup model with the same outfit and hairstyle.

  • Isaac

    This won’t get me anywhere, I know, but I still feel the need to clarify.

    J.Shamblin: “pornographic” in the sense of “intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings”, not in the sense of “depicting sexual activity”.

    Mudron: Please. You read what I mentioned. You saw the image I pointed to, and there are hundreds like it. These attributes are ridiculously common. Why does every shy girl in anime have to clench her hand and press it against her body? Isn’t there any other way to express that she’s shy? That’s just the pose; I won’t bother mentioning the technical mistakes that anime artists confuse for style.

    WanderingLoon and Mudton: when I say “copy”, I mean it borrows all of its attributes from existing works. Yes, all works evolved from something, but when you stop evolving, and just repeat or emulate without adding anything of your own, it’s copying. Not “every single drawing” is like this.

    Strange, I don’t feel like this will help clarify anything.

  • Torch

    Her head is too small. The whole thing seems disproportionate and awkward.

  • Jennifer Moore

    For what it’s worth, I rather like it. No question about the anime influence, but I see a little 40’s era pinup influence, too. Just my humble opinion.

  • Len

    Her head may be too small by anime conventions but is far more proportionate according to standards used to measure the human figure.

  • Ev

    I know Qiqo pretty well – this isn’t some drawing he slaved away over – this is likely something he just drew for fun – Everyone hear is analyzing Qiqo’s spare time – that’s how good he is – this is the stuff he shits out, so give him a break. Qiqo – If Qiqo took half the time it takes use mere mortals to draw something equivalent, his artwork would make our heads explode.

    thank you, Qiqo – Thank you for showing some restraint and NOT making our heads explode.

  • Thalia

    Steve Gattuso says:

    “As for Daphne being sexy, I find little to attract one to a vacuum.”

    You mean besides suction? Hahaha

  • JIGSAW IN BIG SCREEN – Sexy Velma Dace Dinkley –>