Meet The Artists Who Make The Google Doodles Meet The Artists Who Make The Google Doodles

Meet The Artists Who Make The Google Doodles

Every few days, the Google homepage offers up a new Google Doodle either in the form of an illustration, short animation, or interactive element, like the playable Les Paul guitar. The Doodles are not only an ingenious promotional vehicle for Google and its corporate ethos, they also illustrate the goodwill that a company can generate by appealing to the audience’s creativity and imagination. The in-house Google artists and engineers who create the Doodles don’t get a lot of publicity, so if you’ve ever been curious about who’s responsible for the Doodles and how they do it, I highly recommend watching this panel discussion from a couple weeks ago. The speakers are Google Doodle lead Ryan Germick and three of the Google Doodle staff–Kris Hom, Marcin Wichary and Jennifer Hom.

  • OtherDan

    Hmmm…I think Pixar has indirectly been a powerful source of Apple’s inspiration for user experience and interface. I always wondered if Apple borrowed Pixar people to animate some of their UI effects. I think someone at Google realized that (or maybe they will now). Even though the doodles don’t generally excite me, I’d like to work there. Glad she mentioned the Queen one. That was one of the most memorable that I saw. So, in a nutshell, I think Google should be looking for CHARACTER animators above all.

  • Congratulations to all Artists Global at Google.I’m fã (number *1).I LOVE Ryan Germick, the designs are wonderful.

  • Bob Lally

    You folks help to make the world a better place.Thanks!