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Discussing Animation on Stu’s Show

This week I will once again sit down with Stuart Shostack for another hard hitting, riveting interview, covering a wide range of animation subjects. Stu’s Show is an internet radio show, broadcast live at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific at It’s free to listen live on Wednesday. After that, you can download the show anytime for 99 cents. Today, we will be discussing all the latest events in animation – past, present and future. And especially Looney Tunes, Noveltoons, TCM, reviews of the new animated features and the future of classic animation on DVD. We’ll take questions via phone and email from listeners; we might also talk about Terrytoons – again. Join us and listen in here.

  • Justin Delbert

    Noveltoons? What’s going on with them?


    I’d seriously like to know what’s happening at disney… Inside the studio? Whats in the works? Any 2D projects happening? If not, why not?

  • None of Stu’s guests can get him off on a rant better than you, Jerry. I’ll be listening and expecting hilarious new levels of explosive outrage from our favorite radio show host!

    • Justin Delbert

      I don’t know; Steve Beverly and Wesley Hiatt come very close. Last year with the disscussion about Ricki Lake coming back, Stu had a major fit.

  • Didja know that Stu may be the only male of my generation who didn’t love JONNY QUEST? That’s a likely hot button topic to blow Stu’s stack, Jerry!