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A Steam Punk series for Kids: “Steampuff”

It’s a cross between Miyazaki’s Castle In The Sky and Warner Bros. Iron Giant – for the Bob The Builder crowd. Eric Lee, animation director at a small production studio in Tulsa Oklahoma, Steelehouse Productions, sent me the pilot for their brand-new steampunk internet series aimed at kids – Steampuff.

Lee writes:

“Currently the entire series is being produced entirely in-house as a bit of a labor of love. We are a small team of producers, one writer and two animators (and a couple of talented interns to boot). We hope that Steampuff might win over the hearts and imaginations of kids and become a pioneer in the world of online web series for kids.”

The chase in the second-half is pretty cool – and for that alone, I recommend watching it. And as for me, I wish them well with this project.

  • Haha, Steampuff is what they should call the sub-genre. Great designs, and all the mechanical characters are really nice in motion.

  • This looks terrific!

  • Sky High

    As a CG animator myself, I have to say this would be much more appealing if simply drawn in 2-D. The idea is great, the designs are spirited and fun, and I love the music! But the CG is killing it and turning it squarely into a kid’s show… and nothing more. :/

    • With only one animator and a couple of interns, it seems its more of a practical decision (2d human characters would have been great). It has a lot of details for such a small team tho and it looks beautifull, I wish them succes.

  • I’m almost certain i’m going to be watching this more than children are! I love how the effects animation is animated frame-by-frame.

  • wever

    Woah. A lost mother!!

    In a preschool pilot!!

  • Michel Van

    it’s soooo cute !
    has a wonderful design and good CG animation
    i wanna see more of it !!!

  • Richard

    This looks fun and kind of original for the age group, but the voices are pretty grating to my adult ears. Are all shows aimed at this target audience burdened with such sing-song voice performances?

    • Harry P (no, not that one)

      Yes. Yes, they are.

  • hmm they made some intresting design choices.
    But to me it looks more like a intro/trailer for a video game