“Subway Thoughts” by Kurtis Scott “Subway Thoughts” by Kurtis Scott
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“Subway Thoughts” by Kurtis Scott

Animator Kurtis Scott has posted eight episodes of an ongoing series called Subway Thoughts. They focus on the protagonist’s train of thought as he makes his daily commute to work. The animation is minimal, but they make me laugh. Very neurotic stuff, but I can totally identify with it. Scott’s posting one or two new ones every week. Here’s a few samples:

  • Mike

    Hah, these are terrific! Animation is simple but effective, and I can sure relate to these sorts of trains of thought. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Watched one then had to watch all 8! So good and addicting! Go Kurtis Go!

  • CG Animator

    I like it. I think the minimal animation works because well… he’s a guy standing on a subway not saying anything. No reason for him to be moving . The eyes darts were just enough animation to get his emotions across.

    Sometimes, keeping still and letting the character(s) think is better then movement for movement’s sake.

  • Great! I love it. Clever and… also clever (unlike me today).