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“I Just Wanna” by MoreFrames

This is limited animation at its most creative. Directed & created by our friends at Erie, PA-based MoreFrames Animation (Mortifera), Rob & Nino: I Just Wanna is a spectacular science fiction adventure using still photos, miniatures and expressive drawings. More info on its production at the MoreFrames blog.

  • Jason

    Whoa something decent coming out of Erie? What’s sad is that all it needs to be is inbetweened at this point. The Static images don’t really work with the amount of detail and 3d motion included.

    • Matt

      Check out their other work. It’s amazing, filled with all the inbetweens you’d ever need.
      Erie represent!

  • Sarah

    This is sexy. I like the part when they’re going through the vortex. Well done.

  • Hackworth

    Nice look and poses, but other than that total rip off or reference to 2001, Alien, H.R. Giger per se, Nine Inch Nails, Star Wars (escaping the giant asteroid snail), anyone found sth else? Can’t find a single original idea in it.
    And the music….gosh how I hate autotune! No other software brought so much fame to so many completely boring and untalented people

    /rant off

  • Nick Nerdlinger

    Actually, I like the cel style illustrations much more than the other computer graphics and “realistic” imagery. As it is, it looks like a visual hodgepodge.

  • Michel Van

    for my taste too much of
    2001: a space odyssey & Species
    but for the rest a very good animation !