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“Brave” teaser poster

Say what you will about Cars 2 — Pixar’s 2012 release Brave looks hot. And this first teaser poster bodes well for the final results.

(See a larger image at

  • eeteed

    so i’m guessing from the trail of little blue flames behind her that the heroine must be a fracker.

    • The Gee

      If fracker means she was lighting magic farts then perhaps….

      I kid. I really do.

      The poster looks intriguing. When the trailer is out I’m sure some better opinion of what this might be can be formed.

  • Steven M.

    Looks to be good.

  • I gotta say, I’m looking more forward to this than anything else Pixar is making.

  • tonma

    wow! I wanna see a pixar movie with a lighter dose of pastels,(I mean since the first part of wall-e of couse), They might not be doing a Marvel movie but this looks nice enough for sure.

  • Lala_Marin

    I really wish this was Pixar’s 2011 release. A whole year away…

  • oooohhh my goodnessssss

    it’s so beautiful. I’m swooning.

  • Fingers crossed!

  • Katie M.

    So. Epic.

  • Grant Beaudette

    Unlike to the sequels of the last couple years (regardless of their quality) I’m actually looking forward to see this.

  • Beautiful. The most I’ve anticipated an upcoming movie since ‘The Incredibles’.

  • Oooo, pretty ghostlights. I love how they lead up to her.

  • Ergo

    I can’t wait for this film. After so many suffocating sequels, this with be a breath of fresh air.

  • Toonio

    Carrot Top FTW!

  • Derrick

    The poster reminded me of the epic and dark aborted version of Rapunzel. Now I understand John’s decision … the critically acclaimed Pixar… always first.
    Anyway I loved Tangled.

  • The title alone make me excited to see this.

    I mean, what’s bravery without fear & evil in the world? It already sounds like it’s shaping up to be a really great FILM.

  • Vic

    “Say what you will?”

    Didn’t Jerry see Cars 2 already? Did I miss a post with his reaction?

    • Yes, I saw it. I’ll let you know my opinion on Friday, in our talkback post.

      • jerome

        And so, did you see the teaser for “Brave” in front of “Cars 2” ?

      • Yes, I saw the approx. 30 seconds of animation in the one minute teaser for Brave (sure to be leaked to the Internet, and thus Cartoon Brew, shortly). It looks great, IMHO.

        (Oh, and the new Toy Story short is hilarious!)

  • James Ciambor

    The biggest contrast between Pixar and Dreamworks is atmosphere and depth in characters. You actually feel immersed in a Pixar picture, Dreamworks even within the picture you can tell their motives for producing its not only to corporate but more of an intent to make profits.

    Pixar is essentially the reincarnation of classic Disney, and how Walt cared more about making profits to expand artistically. Dreamworks seems to be a reincariton of Terry while Terry to me is more entertaining both companies used their profits relatively conservatively not investing in artistic expansion. As for classic Disney it hasn’t been with us for decades. Despite the controversy of CGI I don’t mind that the industries leading films are being produced that way its not about the visuals so much as its about the depth and personality of the characters. I actually think beautiful visuals is one of the least important elements but as you know Brave has other qualities.

    I am not really interested in this project just for the visuals you will probably see an expansion on what they have previously established. We need more expansion artistically especially in television where the most sought after cartoons are merchandised based.

    • fish

      You DO know what film Pixar is releasing this weekend … right?!

      • James Ciambor

        I’m not an idiot fish.

      • James Ciambor

        Fish that comment really wasn’t necessary as I was never naive about the release date so 19 likes is a mystery.

      • fish

        Its no mystery to me, and to at least 21 others it seems.
        Maybe I can spell it out for you.
        Nobody likes hypocrisy.
        To sing the praises of Pixar in the manner in which you did, and not recognize that that they are a business “to make profits” is just juvenile. They are on the sequel train to make the Disney company (and therefore themselves) MONEY – get over it, please.

      • James Ciambor

        Its not just about the profit, get over it yourself and do some research Disney rejected the investors request to make a Snow White sequel because it was gauranteed profits he opted to make Pinocchio and Fantasia some of the greatest animation ever seen. By the way I’m surprised people like you are all about profits. I thought today’s artists were trying to prove to executives that there’s more to animation than just that. Don’t get me wrong we need to function on the capitalist system I have trouble watching The National Film Board of Canada only for the reasons that its Government funded.

      • James Ciambor

        Those 22 people didn’t get my point. I know that profit is the most important aspect because the mony can be used to expand, what you don’t get is that Pixar is so highly regarded that making an original property is not such a risk anymore. By the way asking a condescending question about the release date is totally out of context which is why I got a little hostile any six year old could figure that out and I never asked such a question.

      • James Ciambor

        Comment removed by editors. This is your 9th comment on a single post. Per our commenting guidelines, “A half-dozen comments on a single topic are unnecessary. Think about what you want to say and say it once. You can influence a discussion by the quality of your writing, not by how many times you repeat yourself.”

  • Brett

    Looks inspired to me! Actually I can’t imagine a more intriguing poster.

  • James Ciambor

    By the way Jerry please tell me that you agree with the idea that Pixar should stop being dependent upon sequels they can do so much better. I think they should take their forefathers Walt Disney’s method he rejected making a sequel for Snow White even though his investors were pressuring him and there were never really any sequels until decades after his death as a result.

  • Vzk

    I for one would like to see Pixar take its biggest risk and make it (at least) PG-13. After what happened to The Black Cauldron and Quest for Camelot, you can’t really make a fantasy epic as a family-friendly film.

    • Half of the Harry Potter films and the Narnia films managed.

    • Gene

      Baloney–that’s just ignorant.

      • James Ciambor

        Gene did you know that Walt had the same philosphy repeatedly refusing to make sequels despite investors pressuring him to make a Snow White sequel, Walt was pressured to make sequels to duplicate the success several times he blantly refused. Before you call me ignorant maybe you should stop being ignorant of the history.

        I believe it applies here for them to explore newer original properties. Brave is a testament to the fact that they don’t need to make Cars 2 or 3.

  • BEAR AND THE BOW was a way better title.

    • Chelsea

      How can you know that? I don’t see a bear or a bow, I see a girl. If there’s still a bear in the film (and you somehow know this) that is one thing, but if you’re making this comment based on this poster… I’m very confused.

      • BEAR AND THE BOW was the film’s original title… and there is both a bear and a bow in the teaser trailer.

      • There’s also a bear in the poster, no?

      • J.m

        I just think there is nothing wrong with the classic style of titles that movies used to have in the past. Movie Execs keep trying to make every title shorter or even an acronym using the silly excuse that “its easier for the audience to remember” .But then they become so Generic. Like: Up, Tangled, Brave…

        what was so wrong with the title Rapunzel?, wasn’t “hip” enough?

      • snip2354

        She’s holding a bow in her left hand right there!

      • Sqeet

        I don’t see a bear, you must be tro-lo-lollin’

      • Ergo

        Yeah, “Bear and the Bow” was a much more iconic title than “Brave”. I’ll have to wait till I see the film to find out which fits the film better though.

        Certainly in the case of “Tangled” there’s no doubt in my mind it should’ve been called “Rapunzel”.

      • JMatte

        There is a bear- in vague silhouette, right under the V. It is standing up. You can see a hint of eyes.

  • ZiggyStardust

    sooooo whats it actually about?

    • snip2354

      In a mythical version of the Scottish Highlands, a princess commits an illegal act to her kingdom (probably by accident, they have yet to reveal what it is), and she goes on a quest with a bow and arrow and the king’s three nobles to fix what she did.

      And there’s a bear. Cause a bear figures into this somehow. Cause that’s kinda import’n.

      And Scottish music.

  • Enticing.

  • tomm

    i look forward to this – will be interesting to see how the ” biggest and best “feature animation studio in the world deals with celtic mythology.

    • Well they do have some very stiff competition in that area ;)

      • Uh, No

        Charles, if you’re talking about Dragon… Hahahaha that makes me laugh.

        It was a good to ok movie, but it certainly wasn’t a good to ok representation of any Celtic mythologies. vikings are not Scottish.

      • C’mon… you really can’t think of another recent animated film dealing with Celtic mythology that a guy named Tomm might have been referring to???

        That said, I never quite got the Scottish Vikings either.

      • tommy

        Vikings look funny, Scottish people sound funny… a winning combo.

      • Whoops

        The Secret of Kells.

        Sorry Kecky, sorry Charles, sorry Tomm.

        Yeah, thought I think lapses in memory like mine just then will be the very problem. Will anyone other than the staunchest of animation fans & animators have Kells even remotely on their minds when watching Brave? Unfortunately I doubt it.

        It’s always the bigger, more lavish, over produced high end studio production, never the little one that was produced in multiple countries on a shoe string budget that really gets to take the cake.

      • Apology accepted :)

        Although now I’m curious about the point you raise (because it’s a good one). Yes, Kells is by far the more authentic Celtic film (and yes, I think it will remain the superior one) but will it necessarily be forgotten in the midst of Brave?

        I don’t deny that the full might of the Disney marketing department will be brought to bear on the public when Brave is released, but remember, Kells was nominated for an Academy Award even before it had its qualifying theatrical run and did quite well on it’s more widespread release.

        when it comes to ‘taking the cake’, Kells did superbly well. Widespread public acceptance can’t be construed as success because success is relative.

        The pressure is certainly on Pixar, because this time around, they are the ones who have to live up to the standard. If they fall short, there will be no shortage of comparison with the film that set the bar too high for them.

    • The Gee

      Truth be known, I have seen nothing to dispel the possibility the bear may be a kilt-wearing bear who sings songs with a lilt in a bear-itone.

      Until that is proven otherwise, my hopes sit on the shelf along with my book of puns and dashed dreams.

  • Looks fantastic!!!=) But I hope that this time the story is a bit darker, deeper and not too comedy oriented like all the other movies before!

  • anonymous

    I like the bear behind the v

  • jerome

    The poster is available in a much higher resolution here :

  • Bows & Arrows

    Mr Andrews & the Pixar crew on this seem particularly excited for it. And when they’re excited about the project, that usually means good things.

    I love the ghoulish Bear amongst the stone monoliths under the “V” in “BRAVE”. I remember seeing it in the earlier concept art as well. Its a very evocative image. Yay Mythology!

    I hope Brenda at least gets invited to the screening & wrap party.

    It’s funny how themes and story trends seem to come in waves, with stuff like Game of Thrones and other classic era fantasy works making a return in literature and film/TV at the moment.

    • …yeah, but would she want to be at the wrap party, after having had her movie taken away from her?

      • Sardonic Tuba

        I’ll bet Brenda wishes she could “change her fate”.

  • This really makes me want this movie to be out tomorrow than Cars 2. Looks more exciting, epic, and worth to watch. Seriously.

  • Mewzilla

    Wow! Im really looking forward to see this movie! Im more enthusiast on the theme and story of this movie than Cars 2. New Characters new world.
    I hope that here in Mexico we could get to see the trailers soon.

  • Scarabim

    I like the slogan.

  • Last year was “How to Train Your Dragon” for me. This year was KFP2, and now next year, it’s this. I found out something interesting. Movies I highly anticipate usually turn out to have dramatic lighting. Especially animated films that give off a darker mood.
    So, if this movie turns out as good as I hope (real good vibe right now) this will make the second film that has scottish/celtic one of my top favorites.

    Love the poster!

  • tom

    This might save what I see as a creatively sagging company, but honestly the character designs look very “off the rack”.

    • Orly

      Based on what?

  • Gene

    Walt used his characters to promote LOTS of toys.  And he made plenty sequels (3 sequels for 3 Little Pigs alone!).  Don’t deify Walt.  Brilliant man, but he knew how to make a buck and never passed up that opportunity.

  • Gene

    And Brave isn’t a testament. It’s not even a MOVIE yet.