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Eggleston’s other Telluride Poster

Back in June we reported on Pixar’s Ralph Eggleston’s terrific poster for this year’s Telluride Film Festival. That poster is available for sale here. My old friend Gary Meyer, who happens to be the co-director of the Telluride festival, just pointed out to me that Eggleston created two posters and that the second one, a special edition poster, is now available on their online store.

This one is absolutely beautiful, summing up the magical, communal experience of watching movies in a theatre, surrounded by friends and like-minded film buffs. Nice job, Eggman!

Ralph Eggleston poster
  • Isaac

    Are they all leaning to the right, or are they tilting their heads back? I can’t tell ever since artists stopped drawing solid heads. Even so, the poster captures the feeling of film festivals very well.

    • Josef

      Either the artist rotated the characters heads to the left or something really cool is happening in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • calartskid

    dude needs to learn how to draw.. tangents galore!

    nice lighting tho~

    • Sat

      Sorry for sounding dumb, but may I ask what is a tangent, why is it bad, and where it is in the picture? For me it’s just some mathematical concept I kinda forgot, and that’s all Wikipedia is telling me.

      Any tips on drawings, composition, colors or whatever interest me, I feel like my animation school never focused much on these things.

  • Given that it is a crowd of closely packed people, I can excuse a few tangents here and there. However, I am quite sick of these stylized drawings everywhere I look, some nice rounded drawings every now and again would be more than welcome.

    I love the overall design of this poster however.

  • victoria

    why are some people smiling and others frowning and looking shocked, arent’t they all watching the same thing?

  • NW

    I really like this. Simple premise, the poster flows to the right with the viewers looking up at the screen. Everyone has a different reaction to a film therefor it’s captured here, some looked shocked, surprised while others looked pleased. The character out of his seat in the BG bringing your eye to the title is a nice touch too!

    As for learning how to draw, the “dude” is an art director at Pixar, Pretty sure he can draw, but hey everybody’s entitled to an opinion.

  • bob kurtz