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‘Incredibles 2’ is Being Planned, Disney Confirms

During the annual Disney shareholders meeting, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that Pixar is planning an Incredibles sequel. Iger said that Brad Bird is working on the story, but “notably did not say that Mr. Bird would direct it,” according to the NY Times. That is the extent of what is known about the project right now.

(Thanks, Mesterius)

  • William Bradford

    Please please PLEAAAASSSE say Brad Bird’s directing it

    • Hankenshift

      Who else would? Pixar doesn’t have any other directors remotely close to Mr. Bird’s caliber to do it, so I doubt he’d sweat out a script and not direct it.

  • Alex Irish

    I’m tired of Pixar being asked to reboot and rehash. What happened to that lucky streak of original content, including Ratatoullie, Wall-E, and Up?

    • TiredOfPixarSequelsBut…

      To be fair, The Incredibles 2 is the one sequel that fans actually want to see. I’m assuming that Brad Bird will be working on this after completing Tomorrowland?
      I think I heard that Cars 3 was also in the works, which makes me a bit sad. It was leaked on a Route 66 podcast with one of the voice actors.
      I love how he says in the interview that “Cars 2 I didn’t care for much.”

      • Funkybat

        I just hope he completes 1952/Tommorowland. It seems like MI:4 is the only thing he has actually gotten to finish since Ratatouille. I guess 1906 is stillborn, eh? That’s the thing (other than an Incredibles sequel) that I was really looking forward to.

    • James Stanley

      It’s coming back next year. Two films. Gonna have Dinosaurs and personified emotions respectively. That float your boat?

  • Mesterius

    Amid, are you sure that’s all that is known right now? And why no confirming links? Here’s a quote from “During a shareholders conference call Tuesday morning, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that plans are currently in the works for The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3. While not many additional details were shared, Iger said that The Incredibles director Brad Bird is currently working on a story for the sequel.” (

    • Max C.

      Because news about a third Cars is far from what would pique the interest of the public (although this being Amid I’d expect him to mention it (and not rage about it like he did with the CG Peanuts)).

    • Pixar artists have shared the news too.

  • Steven Jackson

    Wish I could work on it!

  • Googamp32

    If it means that we’ll see the beautiful Elastigirl in more modern CGI, and this will lead to a Incredibles attraction in the parks, I’ll be good.

    • James Stanley

      Might also be good for some who enjoyed a certain mirror scene…

      • Funkybat

        I think pretty much all the fellas enjoyed that mirror scene. I also think many of the ladies could relate to Helen’s reaction as well, which is too bad, since there really is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of there.

  • Milan P.

    All I gotta say is IT’S ABOUT FUCKIN’ TIME.

  • Shuckleberry Hound

    Finally, we’ll get the only Pixar sequel anyone really wanted in the first place.

    • IJK

      So because people didn’t want Cars 2, that means Toy Story 2 and 3 and Monsters University were bad? And that Finding Dory is probably going to be bad?

      • Hankenshift

        Well, monsters university was pretty lame.

        • Kyle_Maloney

          It wasn’t as good as the original, but it was hardly lame.

          • Funkybat


            Monsters U was surprisingly good. The most entertaining Pixar film since TS3 in my book. Topping the original would have been tough (but not unprescendented) but it’s one I am happy to watch over and over.

        • James VanDam

          It was a fun college movie that had a pretty profound twist ending. Spoiler* “I may act scary, but deep down I’m terrified” Every college student ever knows that feeling.

      • Shuckleberry Hound

        No, it does not, in fact, mean something completely different than what I’d said.

        It means that the general public wasn’t clamoring for sequels to any of those movies. I’m not making judgment calls that all Pixar sequels are terrible. They’re not. But The Incredibles basically built the idea of a sequel into its ending, and I’m surprised it took over a decade for them to follow up on it. So many people have been excited at the idea of it for so long now.

        • Chris Sobieniak

          And at least for now we’ll get a movie that’s about human beings again (if you have to go there).

    • JayGirl

      You can say that again,. Since I was 8, when the movie first came out, I’ve been HOPING for a sequel to this movie. Sure, I really like the Toy Story ones and Monsters University ones, but the only one I really wished for was an Incredibles one.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    I actually feel torn about this. I know that out of all the Pixar movies, The Incredibles definitely has the potential to release a sequel that is just as good–if not better than the original much like the Toy Story movies. Yet on the other hand, I feel that Brad Bird needs to direct this one. If anyone else other than Bird does it–it may not be as amazing and unique as the first one.

    However the main thing right now is–is this truly happening? This is the first time I’ve heard of this and I feel like I need more confirmations before I get super excited only to get my hopes dashed to pieces if the rumors prove to be untrue.

  • Finally, a sequel I have been waiting for.. I didn’t want Cars 2, I didn’t even like the first one! I didn’t want Planes either, I mean, what was Pixar thinking! Thank god, i’m excited, I now have something to look forward to..!

  • BongBong

    Brad writing but not directing? Mmphh….

  • Steven Bowser

    If Brad Bird doesn’t direct then I will destroy somebody. It would be a dire sin.

  • SarahJesness


    While I have been getting annoyed at the glut of sequels the past few years, I’m super excited for this. The Incredibles is a movie that has a LOT of potential for a sequel, and not just because it’s a superhero film. The movie ends with the characters having a major life change: they’re superheroes now! A sequel could address how they all deal with this.

    Though apparently there’s also gonna be a Cars 3. I finally got around to seeing the second one a few weeks ago AND IT WAS SO AWFUL. Though I suppose that means the third film doesn’t really have much to live up to.

  • wgan

    don’t hold your hope too high for now, but I’m glad Brad Bird is behind the story, to get a story in good shape is more important than anything else.

  • Derreck Garcia

    I am very happy about the confirmation of “The Incredibles 2”. Let’s hope this could be as good, if not, better than the original with Brad Bird directing. I also hope that they will learn the mistakes from “Cars 2” and make a much better story for “Cars 3”. I wish them the very best of luck to John Lasseter & Pixar Animation Studios (as if he will be the executive producer for these two sequels, which is most likely the case).

  • Chris B

    YES!!! SO MUCH YES!!!

  • Skip

    I think the consensus is unanimous, everyone wants Brad Bird to direct this film. I just hope that Brad Bird shares the same opinion.

  • BlueSketch

    If Brad Bird doesn’t direct this (I hope he does), I predict that one of his main team from the first will be given the job-maybe Teddy Newton?

  • Fbt

    OMG OMG Oh my gooooosh!! I can’t believe that they are finally going to do it. I remember watching the incredibles when I was in third grade and I’ve been dying to see the Incredibles fight with the Underminer. I also remember that my older cousin lied to me and told me that a women made the movie and that she died after releasing the movie that’s why they’re never going to continue it (that kinda ruined my childhood…took me a long time to find out the truth). I really hope that it’s going to be as good as the first one.

  • Roberto Severino

    Crossing my fingers Brad Bird will direct. No guarantees that it will be as amazing as the first one but one could only hope.

  • Chris B

    a great example of a sequel that’s not just for the sake of having a sequel. there’s so much more character development and story left to tell. It’s gonna be awesome no doubt about it. Can’t wait to see it!

  • George Comerci


  • Rodan Thompson

    Why? Why revisit this? I cannot understand…..

  • rotamina

    More sequels from Disney – how refreshing.

  • Hedley Lamarr

    WALL-E already had a sequel, as far as I’m concerned. It was the second half of the film, where it went from a lovely work of art to a condescending indictment of the very audience who was watching it and heading to Wal-Mart go buy its merchandise.

    • Funkybat

      I’m still amazed that the second half of Wall-E is so polarizing. Which I feel like the tone shift was a bit striking, had no problem with the societal satire/warning put forth. My only issue with it is that the film was so quiet and poignant when it was just Wall-E and Eve alone on a ruined Earth. It would have been interesting if humanity really was totally extinct, and the story was of them creating a new robot race from the ruins.

      Still, I was OK with the movie having the return of humans. I know if I were writing it, I probably would have made the situation on the “generational ship” much more degraded and dire, so that returning to Earth would have seemed more naturally desirable for the inhabitants. As it stood, there probably would have been more than a few people who would have had zero desire to give up their comfy artificial environment to go scramble in the dirt of a still-mostly-ruined Earth and try to start again from scratch. But to complain about the depiction of humans disconnected from Earth as victims of their own consumerist ways, I see that as relevant social commentary and done in a reasonably entertaining way. (I do feel Idiocracy did it even better though!)

  • mark

    how would everyone feel if Brad Bird wouldn’t direct this one? maybe Mark Andrews instead?

  • Lewis

    why did he leave Pixar?

  • James Stanley

    Finally…. The animation gods have answered our prayers. Out of interest, will this impact the “Rise of the Underminer game sequel” in any way or can we expect a complete retcon, a bit like what star wars has been doing these past years?

    • SarahJesness

      I knew we’d get it if I sacrificed enough goats!

  • James Stanley

    Finally…. The animation gods have answered our prayers. Out of interest, will this impact the “Rise of the Underminer game sequel” in any way or can we expect a complete retcon, a bit like what star wars has been doing these past years?

  • James Stanley

    Disney Pressure probably, although the Toy Story ones have so far reached for the stars. Suspiciously though, Lasseder claimed that the D box didn’t FORCE him to do Cars 2. Hmmm…

  • James Stanley

    Disney Pressure probably, although the Toy Story ones have so far reached for the stars. Suspiciously though, Lasseder claimed that the D box didn’t FORCE him to do Cars 2. Hmmm…

    • Funkybat

      I don’t find it suspicious, Lasseter really and truly loves automobiles, and was very enthusiastic about Cars (some claimed over-enthusiastic to the point of not being able to cut anything because it was all so dear to him.) Cars 2 gave him a chance to play in that sandbox again. And you know what? In a way, I enjoyed Cars 2 more than the first one.

      It’s really a thing unto itself, the illogical, corny Cars universe. You either go into it expecting a certain sensibility and certain familiar characters, or you shouldn’t even bother watching them. Criticizing them compared to other Pixar films is like criticizing James Bond movies compared to other films. You either dig it for what it is or dismiss it for what it is, I think either position is legitimate. I was pleasantly surprised that they tried to do as much as they did in the sequel. If it were JUST a commercial cash-out, it probably would have come out more like “Planes.”

  • James Stanley

    Settle down it’l probably be Monsters inc 3. I mean we’ve seen monster jobs, society and education so far, a journey into monster politics and military would go a long way.

  • Pennyjpie

    I always thought that maybe Pixar is using these sequels to get a huge amount of money for their real projects…for example, what is the one thing kids LOVE to play with? Toy cars. Make a second movie, reap the benefits with lots and lots of merchandising. What were most kid’s favorite character in Finding Nemo? Dory. Make a second movie and make lots and lots of money with merchandising…

    • Krud

      And more power to them, I suppose, but they’ve taken away one of my Adult Fan Bargaining Chips, which used to be [to skeptics and naysayers], “Any Pixar movie is worth seeing, no matter your age.” That used to ring true, up to a point. Not any more.

  • Funkybat

    Bugs Life is the forgotten Pixar film. I think it was probably also their least-popular one as far as fans go. It was well-done and heartfelt, but I think a sequel would probably bomb.

  • Funkybat

    That’s too bad, last I heard, Teddy was developing a feature project at Pixar. He is a unique talent.

  • bachelorrj

    About time! I loved the original and always hoped they would continue the story in some way.

  • Dusty Ayres

    Perhaps Brad Bird didn’t feel like doing a sequel?