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“Incredibles” poster by Robert McGinnis

Brad Bird has leaked (via Twitter) this poster for The Incredibles.

It was painted by Robert McGinnis, the veteran artist who created the advertising art for many 60s spy flicks, including the Matt Helm and James Bond movies (Thunderball, You Only Live Twice), poster art for the iconic Breakfast At Tiffanys and Barbarella, and over 1200 paperback novels. McGinnis began his career as an apprentice at the Walt Disney Studio.

Here’s the poster that might have been, if Brad Bird had his way…

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  • David Vallone

    That would have been wonderful to have put this into print.. Very much a throwback to the 60’s.. Great design.. I’d love to have a print of this to frame up.

  • Sean D.

    You can Buy It Now on eBay, if you wanted one.

  • Tredlow

    It looks like Elastigirl is kicking Mr Incredible’s butt, but he doesn’t care.

    • Ed Thompsom

      She is kicking the henchman just to the left of Mr. Incredible’s right elbow. I did not interpret it the way you did, although I can see it now.

  • Lovely piece, makes sense that this was the poster of choice. I always thought that the film (fantastic as it is) was at odds with that dreadfully generic ‘running from explosion, smirking mid-stride towards camera’ poster!

  • greg manwaring

    Hmmm, a little too busy for my tastes. I’m satisfied with the one they used.

  • TheyCallMeShine

    Shame too. As a movie buff poster art is kinda a big deal and the Pixar stuff, despite how much I love ’em, has ALWAYS had weak posters…

  • This would make a great alternative/reverse sleeve cover for the Blu-Ray/DVD. :)

  • It’s certainly a cool art piece but as a poster it seems like there’s almost too much going on.

  • Steven M.

    It’s a nice throwback, but it’s pretty cluttered.

  • Kartoonz Kritik

    If I recall correctly, Brad initially had a limited run of posters printed up only for special distribution to the PIXAR animators/VIPs. Some of those original posters have reached the open market, and have become collectible. Since that original printing though, the image has been reprinted (with minor but visible differences) – whether by Disney or others is unclear.

  • Bud

    Sorry–although I’m a McGinnis fan–this poster is a confused mess all over the place. Might have been a tad more palatable if the characters had all been drawn rather than cribbed from CG.

  • Billy Batz

    If Brad Bird had his way Frazetta would have painted the Batteries Not Included poster

  • I agree that this is the poster we should’ve gotten! Really epic. It captures the movie’s appeal in that retro 007 poster kind of way, as it should.

  • George

    I have this poster! I didn’t realize it was such a rare collectible!

  • :-/

    As an artist it pains me to say this but marketing got it right on this one.

    As a fan of Brad Bird, love to get my hands on this. Anyone at Disney listening?

  • Richard

    The poster is probably more busy than other McGinnis posters because it’s a bit of a parody of the action movie posters of yore. It was a comedy, you know.

    Of course, let’s let the armchair designers have their say. They probably know more than an award winning poster designer with decades of experience and an Academy Award winning animation director.

  • Collector Eddie Shannon has the poster up at his excellent Film on Paper website complete with plenty of lovely detail shots:

    Kinda surprised this is news…

  • Sarah J

    I really don’t like how a lot of movie posters are today. Always generic, following the same formats. I think this poster is really cool, a lot more interesting and dynamic, better for catching the attention.

  • it gets no better – R McGinnis is SOOO incredible – LOVE!!!

  • John

    Yes, it’s a really neat poster and I would like to have one, but put me with the crowd who thinks this is too, too busy.

    In a way it’s as bad as most movie trailers… it gives away every major point in the movie.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    They really needed to lose the characters between the lava and the logo. That would have helped the overall composition. I’m just saying.

    • Mike Russo

      Totally agreed. Too much going on down there.

  • christy

    this poster is great-i can’t believe its too busy for so many people!

  • Feels like a Star Wars poster to me, not that its a bad thing but just saying. I always love the level of collage these types of posters have.

  • Andrea

    I love the style and feel of this poster, and there is a lot of detail packed into this image though I’m ok with that. However there are so many weird, off putting tangents going on here. I think the composition needs help. When I look at it my eyes darts around frantically and tend to rest on Mr. Freeze more than anything. There’s no flow or balance. And yeah it looks like Elastigirl is kicking Mr. Incredible’s butt to me too. Edna is just stuck in the front off center which is weird. Syndrome should get more love and Mirage less. The left side is dark and the right side is light and it feels unbalanced. Mirage is just floating in the sky and Violet is shoved behind her in a defensive and uncharacteristic pose. She looks surprised and yet she’s looking at nothing. Just my opinion.