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John Lasseter Owns Over 1,000 Hawaiian Shirts

John Lasseter

Advice from John Lasseter on how to wear Hawaiian shirts: “Don’t just pick a shirt to wear, but pick the subject matter of the shirt to match what you’re doing in the day.” That is, of course, easier to do when you own over one thousand Hawaiian shirts as Lasseter does, including 374 in active rotation.

Peter Hartlaub of the San Francisco Chronicle received a fun tour of the collection:

  • That’s pretty funny. Well, everyone’s gotta have a hobby. I like how he describes some of them as “vintage” or “in storage”…

  • “Don’t just pick a shirt to wear, but pick the subject matter of the shirt to match what you’re doing in the day.”

    I hope that EVERYONE here has added this to the margins of their Bibles, Korans, Art of Wars, and Animation With Preston Blairs.

  • Fred lassetter

    I have that exact same philosophy when it comes to shirts, although mine is with stains and what I’m eating.

    • That is how the “Hawaiin Shirt” was born: someone noticed that all his dribbled poi resembled flowers.

  • I used to collect Hawaiian shirts. I had close to 100 of them at one time.

    Then my wife pointed out that in my 20’s, when I started wearing Hawaiian shirts, it was as a parody of old guys trying to look young. Now that I was older – by wearing the shirts, I had become the thing I was making fun of. I had become the joke.

    So I donated most of the collection – but somehow I suspect that she duped me into doing it, to get more closet space.

    I covet John Lasseter’s shirt collection.

    • zac leck

      Damn, that’s like the lull in the second act of every Miyazaki movie ever, where the protagonist doubts themselves or their cause and some somber music plays for about 5 minutes but it feels like 20. You’ll hit your third act soon, buddy. Don’t give up on shirts yet.

  • uncle wayne

    i luv to collect them, too (—-but with only toons on them!) VERRRRY hard to find, tho.

  • Animation might be the only field where a collection of Hawaiian shirts actually improves your career.

  • Paul N

    Lasseter’s closet is bigger than my first apartment…

  • J

    What’s funny is that he’s NOT wearing one in the video! Probably the only time that I have not seen him in one (except for maybe in that old Cal Arts class photo). It’s strange to see him wearing a t-shirt instead.

  • That was funny!-after seeing the date, I was waiting for the punchline. I think John should look at his actuary and when he accumulates the right amount of shirts he can wear them each one last time.

  • John Lasseter in a Hawaiian shirt is as synonymous as Mickey and his big ears.
    Not sure it would sell as many lunch boxes though :)

  • Bill

    I don’t see anything wrong with the collection (says he who has several dozen, including some of those Lasseter showed off.)

  • snip2354

    A classmate in college saw me wear one of my rare Hawaiian T-shirts to class and said he thought it made me look like a Pixar employee, sitting at the station with a Cintiq. I said, “Yeah if only.”

  • Ignatz the Brick Pitcher

    LOOL Lasseter is such the quintessential nerd! I’m glad one of us made it. :-)

  • Rob Rob

    It looks like it’s cold in his closet.

  • Tony

    He has a gym? Does he ever use it?

  • Pedro Nakama

    I only wear Hawaiian shirts on Friday when the management let’s me.

  • david

    that’s not the only thing he collects.

    clippings of miyazaki articles
    artists’ souls
    grapes for his wine company

  • Kirsten

    Um….WHAT?! Someone should have filmed my face while watching this video…

  • Sean D.

    This is what George Lucas’s closet looks like too, but with varying hues of plaid flannel instead of Hawaiian shirts.

  • the obsessive alien

    Nice. One kind of colorful and cheesy stuff finances another! Substance is for losers.

  • douglas

    hola live in guatemala y a collection of 250 hawaiian camisas,six years of buying.interested…equal y more special-all sizes,cars,fish,palmas,birds,fruitas……………email por favor douglas y rosa