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Pixar Launches A College Website For Monsters University

Those kids at Pixar sure know how to advertise a film. Today they launched an authentic-looking Monsters University college website, more than eight months before the release of the Monsters, Inc. prequel. It’s a lovingly detailed exercise in universe building, complete with a full map of the university campus, a faculty page, and, of course, the chance to buy MU gear.

  • Aymanut

    They don’t let you apply. :P

  • Karter97

    This is so cool! I love how Pixar does these things! (Ex: Wall-e)

  • Paul

    The funny thing is, this website is much easier to browse to learn about it than REAL university websites

  • Aaron B.

    Clever. My alma mater is also MU, so I suppose I’m kind of obligated to buy something now, ha.

  • DD

    I feel like sending this link as a prank to my parents about the college I go to. I want to see their outrageous replies. :p

  • Mac

    “On working on this film, doing the research, talking our science and engineering guys, we were very surprised most accredited university professors don’t just give “high passes” for attendance, and if you smoke dope in the elevator, or run around naked, you actually get kicked out of school.”

  • This is great! I love the Muppets!

    Wait… Oh, nevermind.

    • The are very Muppet-like aren’t they: but that’s just fine with me because that just means they opted for simple, bold and appealing designs. After all Sesame street was almost all “monsters”

      • Mike

        What I also really like about the designs is that they allow for the incorporation of advances in CGI since Monsters Inc. (aka they look nice) but are also deferential to the designs used in that film due to the restrictions of the time.

  • Eman

    And sadly this is a much better design than most univ- oh. Paul beat me to it.

  • Fantastic! What a way to advertize a film!!! I love the four-armed shirts

  • Lala_Marin

    They had me at “gear.”

  • bob

    That’s great, I cant believe how original Pixar is to make up a school that trains monster’s to be scarry!

    Oh wait….

    Ahh Real Monsters anyone?

  • Luke

    Aww, no marching band program or school of music, count me out.

  • Awesome!

  • octas

    Why isn’t there an art and animation program? Lame