Pixar’s “The Avengers”

Cartoon Brew reader J. M. Walter imagined Pixar characters in the role of The Avengers and shared this image on our Facebook page. Click to embiggen.

  • Philip H

    I’m curious as to why they didn’t just leave Buzz’s face with his body. He seems to suit the role better.

  • Taco Wiz

    Amid just said “embiggin”. I wonder if he knew consciously how cromulent that word is.

  • Clint H.

    Anyone else see Anton Ego as Loki?

  • Michel Van

    I love it !
    and yes Anton Ego as Loki is a must, put hin in !

    • http://dailygrail.com/ Red Pill Junkie

      And Syndrome as Thanos!! :-D

  • http://downindeep13.blogspot.com JerRocks2day

    Definitely love Lucius Best’s reinventation as Nick Fury. It’s like he has another alter ego after he satisfies his role as Frozone during the day. XD

  • Ron

    This is awesome but who’s playing Tony Stark? I get that it’s Buzz Lightyear’s suit but I don’t recognize that character’s face. Kinda’ looks like one of the muggers from the Incredibles.

  • Ron

    Oh nevermind. It’s young Charles Muntz. Got it. Good casting!

  • Stéphane Dumas

    That version of Thor reminds me a bit of Obelix from the French Asterix comic book series. :-)

  • Martyn Daniel

    Excellent! Very funny!

  • Arturo

    Shouldn’t it state “Disney-Pixar-Marvel”?

  • http://blog.mckaysalisbury.com/ McKay

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the guy playing Thor is from How to Train Your Dragon, which is a Dreamworks picture?

    • Rose

      He’s Lord MacGuffin from the upcoming Pixar film ‘Brave’.

  • Kingsmill

    Apparently the guy playing Thor is from Brave. Only one I didn’t get was the Hulk – is it Sully?

  • Tim

    Luckily Disney didn’t turn this into a movie, I prefer the Avengers as they are.

  • MissConception

    The most benign Hulk you will ever see.

  • Richard

    Why does the Hulk look so furry???

  • Matt

    Who is that playing Hawk Eye

    • dug

      it’s one of the chefs from ratatouille i think