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Artist of the Day: Ami Thompson

Ami Thompson

Osaka, Japan-born Ami Thompson works in 2D and 3D animation drawing character and concept art. She has completed 2D animation internships at Walt Disney Animation Studios and Studio Ghibli, and a 3D animation internship at Microsoft Studios.

Ami Thompson

Ami’s drafting skill allows her the freedom to use confident line work while drawing convincing forms in space.

Ami Thompson

Here is Ami’s final film from her studies at Sheridan, Basilisk:

Ami Thompson

See more work at Ami’s portfolio website.

Ami ThompsonAmi ThompsonAmi ThompsonAmi Thompson
  • Matt

    Super nice designs and animation. On a side note I noticed that she has had three internships at various studios. I have noticed this more and more with students that they seem to land a lot internships but no job, why is that? From what I can tell they are well worth hiring.

    • Funkybat

      If someone *this* good can’t get a full-time job offer these days, I’m honestly worried.

  • khan8282

    I hope I have a short anywhere near that quality in my portfolio some day.

  • I looove Ami’s work. Amazing stuff.

  • Dana B

    Great stuff! Her film definitely has a Miyazaki influence while at the same time feels like a well done western animation. Great, great stuff :)

  • Andrew Chesworth

    Briliant work, Ami! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  • Carlos Herrera

    Outstanding. Fantastic. Ami Thompson is a true genius!

  • Mum

    There are numerous artists showcased here who do not ‘have that “indie comics” “adventure timey” style’.