Charlotte Dumortier Charlotte Dumortier
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Artist of the Day: Charlotte Dumortier

Charlotte Dumortier

Charlotte Dumortier is an Antwerp, Belgium-based artist wo works as an illustrator, designer, and motion graphics animator.

Charlotte DumortierCharlotte Dumortier

Charlotte makes comics for zines and anthologies and collects a lot of the artwork on a blog here. Her “first real comic book” is called Murphy’s Miserable Space Adventures, from publisher Oogachtend.

Charlotte Dumortier

Charlotte contributed to the exquisite-corpse-style comics project, The Infinite Corpse (which was described in a previous Artist of the Day post). Here are her three panels from that project.

Charlotte DumortierCharlotte DumortierCharlotte Dumortier

To see more of Charlotte’s bright, iconic designs, click over to her Tumblr, website and Flickr.

Charlotte Dumortier
  • GW

    This is some beautiful work. She has an incredible instinct for designing and placing eyes. And she really knows how to use negative space properly.