Sophie Diao Sophie Diao
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Artist of the Day: Sophie Diao

Sophie Diao

Sophie Diao studied animation at CalArts and now works as a “doodler” at Google after interning there during the summer of 2012. Her work for Google so far is collected here.

Sophie DiaoSophie DiaoSophie Diao

Sophie keeps a sketchbook diary of personal thoughts and informal drawings which she occasionally shares with her fans.

Sophie DiaoSophie Diao

Sophie tumbles at where you can also find links to her 2013 portfolio and student films.

Sophie Diao
  • Tom Law

    yessss Sophie’s work is awesome!!

  • Philip Vose

    Sophie is the bees knees!! cool gal. cool work!

  • Eusong Lee

    super fresh and awesome work! awesome! Sophie!

  • Mike Scott


  • This is beautiful!

  • Clayton

    awesome stuff

  • Allan Mojica

    super cool art