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“Mirage” by Iker Maidagan and Dana Terrace

Mirage was among the most outstanding thesis films from the 2013 class of the School of Visual Arts. It’s about a young Inuit boy and his dog who go out into the bleak Arctic wilderness to fish, only to discover strange happenings lurking beneath the frozen waters.

The film was a joint effort between Iker Maidagan, who came up with the story and did the layouts, and Dana Terrace, who designed and animated the characters. Working as a team, they were able to focus on their artistic strengths and apply them to a single project. Everything, from story concept to animation to final compositing, and all the steps in-between, are flawlessly executed.

Knowing both Iker and Dana personally from my time attending SVA, I can say that they both have a very strong understanding of the process, not just as animators, but as filmmakers and storytellers. I don’t think I have ever seen a student film that feels as complete and polished as a studio-produced short, but this one certainly comes close, if not surpassing it.

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  • Patrick

    Completing a student film in and of itself is an accomplishment, making one so polished and at the astonishing length of 9 minutes, is a huge feat and they deserve a lot of praise for it.

  • walropodes

    What an adorable and amazing short! I love everything about this.

  • Mark Neeley

    I caught this the other day when C.H. Greenblatt praised it on his blog … to say it was “polished” is an understatement. Exceptionally well done.

  • Henrique

    That’s the kind of quality I would like to see in TV series!

  • BlackAdam7

    Awesome! A new kid on the block with the potential to be the Bully real soon!

  • Jen Hurler

    Can’t wait to see what becomes of these two!! Great share, Michael!!

  • Mike

    Every time I see a hand-drawn animated film, I just smile and sigh. Thanks for sharing.