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TV Spot

“Quit Smoking” by MAKE

Minneapolis Minnesota-based studio MAKE created these two Quit Smoking public service announcements, using live action and wonderful hand-drawn character animation.

Creative Director: Danny Robashkin
Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Sound Design: Mike P. Nelson
DP: Nick Junkersfeld
Production Sound: Tom Colvin
Puppeteers: Justin Weber, Josh Clos, Chang Dai, Alec Mueller
Animators: Andrew Chesworth, Justin Weber, Aaron Quist, Alec Mueller, Michelle Yoon, Josh Schneider, Chang Dai
Assistant Animators: Jordan Hill, Niklas Norman
Compositing/Finishing: Daniel Broadway, Josh Clos
3D artist: Aaron Dabelow
The Interviewer….Kevin Klein
Eric……..Charles Hubbell
Lexi……..Lindsey Dumire

And don’t miss this brief behind-the-scenes video:
  • Eman

    But wait.
    People generally like monkeys!
    This is a disaster in waiting!

    • axolotl

      What?! No they don’t??!!!! Monkeys are vile! They’re like failed humans…
      Great PSA, though, the animation is really pretty. Makes me want to take up smoking so I can stop.

      • DJ Scott

        lol, I’m not sure that’s quite the reaction they were going for with this.

        • axolotl

          Well, that’s a typical PSA, then…

    • James

      Well, the original meaning of “a monkey on you back” referred to a drug addiction, so the animation is using that as a template.

      I’m pretty sure the average viewer will get the message.

  • Lyle

    awesome stuff!! good cause too.

  • Always a pleasure to see Andrew Chesworth make more animation.

  • Nic

    As great as the style is… I wish it weren’t for a smoking ad. I’ve never seen one that garnished any form of success (granted, this is from my own limited pool of heavy-smoking relatives and friends, so not exactly a great sample size). It just seems like it’s being wasted on heavy-handed PSAs.

    That’s just my opinion, though. Of course.

  • oh wow!! Gorgeous!! Shades of 1988 and….we know who…!!

  • Stéphane Dumas

    More better then this PSA who was broadcasted in Canada in the early 1990s with puppets and it didn’t aged well compared to others PSA during that era. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AuLkMBAFZg&feature=related

    • Geoff

      As a child who was around target age when that ad aired, it was a fail on several levels.

  • Mark Lensenmayer

    Very nice…a lot of Roger Rabbit style in there.

  • This is fantastic! Also good see alumnus in there:)

  • Pedro Nakama


  • GREAT use of our craft! Hopefully projects like this will help to bring well crafted, hand-drawn animation back into the mainstream! :)

  • There’s a gaping hole in the credits – Chang Dai was not only a puppeteer, but a principal animator and the character designer for all of the monkeys.

    Congratulations, Make crew! These turned out beautifully.

    • I added Chang Dai’s name to the animator credits. Thank you all for a job well done!

  • Tony Ginorio

    The man shooting the monkey with a cartoon gun was a nice touch.

  • Glowworm

    I must admit, that while the first cartoon monkey was rather terrifying–the second one was almost–ALMOST cute.

    I liked the first one better–insane looking monkeys with guns are pretty awesome.

  • MissConception

    Very nice. Well animated and a great idea that sends a clear message. Bravo, MAKE. They came out beautifully.

  • that is truly a wonderful use of animation – thanks for that ^_^

  • Mick

    Super smooth animation. I’m sure this will result in upwards of 8 people quitting

  • Thanks for posting this. Very cool spot and cool behind the scenes footage.

  • Floyd Norman

    Man, I so miss hand drawn animation.

  • Liked very much.

  • Polecat

    Excellent style, and the live-action/cartoon blend is easily as good as Roger Rabbit, and the second monkey in particular looked very species-authentic…but good Lord, how I hate PSAs.

  • Sarah J

    Ah, if only quitting smoking was as simple as shooting a monkey…

    Anyway, I kind of like them, which is a weird thing for me to say about anti-smoking PSAs. Most of them are only enjoyable in an unintentional way. But I’m probably biases, the character designs and animation style really remind me of Roger Rabbit.

  • James Madison


  • Steven M.

    I quite like these two. Excellent job, Make.

  • Ara

    When I saw the first PSA, I originally thought, “I really hope PETA doesn’t catch wind of this.” I guess they wouldn’t take kindly to a cartoon monkey being shot in the head. Then again, that monkey was super menacing (and he did have a gun), so I guess he got what was coming to him. All is well.

    Anyways, I generally enjoyed both PSAs! Great animation for a good cause. Not sure if the message would stick, but I enjoyed the animation nonetheless.

  • As the French would pronounce it: WAOU! Very slick animation, in 2D even :D

  • Mitch K


  • Wonderful idea..It will work!

  • Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!! Bravo, folks. Gorgeous animation. And bravo to the folks that hired Make and took a chance on hand-drawn animation. I had to watch it several times to not watch it just for the sheer joy of seeing 2D, but to actual observe the message!

  • Wow…..best live action/animation since Roger Rabbit

  • Excellent work by Danny and the entire MAKE crew. Wonderful spots to watch.