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Associated Press Reports That Yogi Bear Has Died

The Associated Press announced tonight that Yogi Bear has died at the age of 90. The story was published by major news organizations including the Washington Post, Newsday, and dozens of other print and TV news organizations:


It turns out that the report was a case of mistaken identity; everyone’s favorite pic-a-nic basket-stealing bear is alive and well. But Yankee catcher Yogi Berra, whose name allegedly inspired Yogi Bear (though Hanna-Barbera denied it), has indeed died.

  • JulesDeMalte

    Oh Amid, you! :-P

  • Hey Boo Boo

    Yogi Bear died in 2010……when that horrific 3D movie of his hit the screen.

    • Zsxd

      I thought it was OK. I’m still excited for the sequel, if it’s ever happening.

  • Jordan Benans-Hillard

    I’m kinda troubled by the state of the media today. First, the New York Times cant even write “Porky Pig” right, and now it appears that the Associated press can’t even differentiate who real people and animated TV characters are.

  • Inkan1969

    Oh, I see that the website went back to using Discus.

    Actually, Yogi Bear playing dead was a running gag in the original cartoons. I can remember at least four cartoons with that.

  • J.S

    Yogi Bear will always be in our hearts.

  • J.S

    Yogi Bear will always be in our hearts.

  • Andrew Alderson

    This sums it up. #Stupidity.

    It’s was just like yesterday’s post, “Porky Pig vs. ‘The New York Times’”

  • A 57 Percenter

    I didn’t realize he played for the Yankees. Between his TV show and stealing picnic baskets he was one busy bear. RIP Yogi

  • John A

    Oh my God, Where’s Boo-Boo? Somebody’s gotta tell Boo-Boo!

  • Kelly

    Someone made a Boo Boo!

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    Where are the fact checkers? Do they exist?

    • GhostRadish

      I just checked and facts do exist.

  • ea
  • Pedro Nakama

    I loved Yogi Bear when he was a larcenist. Hated him in the 70’s when he became an environmentalist.

    At one time Berra tried to sue Hanna-Barbera.

  • jhalpernkitcat