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David Bowie, RIP


RIP: David Bowie, who died on Sunday after a battle with cancer at the age of 69.

Animated GIF above by Helen Green. Below is an interview with Bowie, animated by Pat Smith:

The true backstory of how “Warszawa” from Bowie’s album Low was produced. Animated by Brothers McLeod:

David Bowie” drops in on Venture Bros.:

Bowie sometimes used animation in his own videos, too, like this one for “Underground”:

  • Steve Henderson

    Over here in the UK from an animation perspective, he was the boy in The Snowman (1982) and filmed an introduction to the short which got played again last Christmas. Very sad news to wake up to.

  • Chicken McPhee

    Heartbreaking. He was such an enormous inspiration.

  • Harry Bastard

    Yeee…kinda creepily prescient that Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick killed off Sovereign (the character that was portrayed as a shape-shifting David Bowie) this past season in Venture Bros.

  • James Madison

    So many musicians are impacted , or have an appreciation for the visual arts…Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, David Bowie.


    • AP

      Woah, careful there. You just listed Paul McCartney with two men who are dead.