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Artist of the Day: Vince Collins

Vince Collins

Vince Collins is an experimental filmmaker known for the films that he animated in the 1970s and 80s that featured his deeply-saturated, perpetually moving and morphing figures.

Malice in Wonderland (nsfw):

Fortunately, Vince is active online and his films are available to watch here, but unfortunately the early drawn films are marred by digital compression exacerbated by the rapid motion and color changes.

Life is Flashing Before Your Eyes:

For more about him, see recent interviews with Vince at and Vice. Vince’s website is here.

Vince Collins


It makes some kind of bizarre sense that Vince is now making 3D shorts such as the crude, colorful Instant Clown Party which is either designed to entertain or drive you insane:

  • Animator606432

    Experimental is right

  • Jules

    All through the 1970s and up until about 1985 this kind of 2D animated film was all the rage at campus film festivals. Such independent works served as examples of unbounded visual abstraction for creative viewers and as a puzzling sort of visual enema for those not inclined toward the humanities. To university students starved for entertainment in the pre-internet and 24/7 cable age, they delivered. Taken out of context into today’s literal minded and media oversaturated era, they suffer.

  • GW

    His 3D shorts don’t have as imaginative of morphing since the forms aren’t simplified into basic colors, but they have a certain creativity of their own in their less visually subtle techniques.

  • Ryan

    Good stuff, been a fan of Vince for several years now…

    There’s not many artists out there whose work is best suited to VHS.