“Breadwinners” by Gary Doodles “Breadwinners” by Gary Doodles

“Breadwinners” by Gary Doodles

Frantic, crazy stuff – the kind I like – by animator Gary Doodles and writer Steve Borst (Mad):

  • Benjamin Arthur

    This is pitch perfect ridiculous animation wizardry. I enjoyed it thoroughly – not many animated shorts these days use a continuous musical beat like the golden age cartoons, but this remixes it for a new generation.

  • awesome.


  • That was the best cartoon I have seen all year. A perfect 11 on the score-o-meter

  • R.A. MacNeil

    Glad to see this getting more exposure. What a great cartoon.

  • That little guy looks and sounds like Fester Fish!

  • Great cartoon! So much fun.

  • Ryoku75

    The animation in this is surprisingly choppy, and I’m watching this in 360p on a regular connection.

    The drawing and animation itself looks like typical Cartoon Network-inspired stuff, its really “ho-hum” overall.

    What gets me are the designs, they’re the typical minimilastic designs that’re seen so often these days on TV and amatuer work, I initially had mistaken this for “The Misadventures of Flapjack” prior to watching it.

    With so many identical works of amatuer work these days hardly anyone has any “indentity”, we could use a few more artists like Genndy Tartovsky.

    • “Well sure these solid gold bars are a welcome gift, but, they’re a bit too goldy for my tastes”

  • Ah, so that’s the Jenny at 8675309!

  • eeteed

    one of the many things i liked about this cartoon was that the characters in it were positive and friendly to each other.

    the cartoon was funny and outrageous without being cruel and gross.

    well done!

  • hotdogface

    I like the animation but I’m getting sick of this ‘randomness=comedy’ stoner humor that’s everywhere these days.

    • Anon

      Along with the duuude/man/bro’fist vidja game….stuff.

  • Julian

    It’s a bit fast pace, but what’s so wrong with that? To be honest, I think this is one of the best cartoons I’ve seen this year. Creative original story telling, expressive vocal characters, creative use of music, and an overall positive theme. It doesn’t fit the stoner style at all in my opinion. Actually seeing a mad writer, I was expecting some low wit rip on some current pop culture phenomenon or gross out randomness for the sake of gross out randomness. This has exceeded my expectations quite a bit ans hope see more of it on Cartoon Network and other places in the future.

  • Kev Craven

    I enjoyed it, but how many more Adventure Time styled cartoons are there room for?

    I did enjoy the musical pacing, nice throw back to the golden age.

  • eeteed

    i just noticed that jenny quackles is a DRAKE. oops.

    and yet still a great cartoon.

  • LOVE IT! Makes me want to animate. A great example of what is possible with animation (basically – anything is possible with animation).

  • Sam

    Great toon! turn it up loud! music is just as good as the toon. theres SO many little pieces sprinkled into the rocket training scene. My fave was the snare drum roll pattern and the ending piece. PUNCH

  • Calin Fernandez

    this is soooooooo cool!! very inspired! thanks!

  • Elijah Thompson-Acquah

    It’s kinda sad when this short gets a lot of praise when it was first posted, then gets a lot of flack when Nickelodeon picks it up for a TV series.