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“Cheap Joke” by Ian Miller

A new piece of animation by Ian Miller. It may be a Cheap Joke, but Miller’s animation skills are no joke.

(Thanks, Brian Lonano)

  • ferp

    Hahaha, that was awesome!!

    I’m blown away by how smoothly he can animate expressions like that. Bravo.

  • Sorry. I wasn’t blown away.

  • Joe March

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  • Dr. Truth

    That was EPIC!!!! Basil wolverton would be proud!!

  • That was…wow. I’m seriously blown away by this! This guy is AMAZING!! It’s got everything I love! So well done!

  • Yes! glad ian is getting some recogintion, he’s got it going on!

  • Astonishingly good. Wow. Beautiful.
    Massively delightful.

  • Charming. I’m sure his mother is very proud.

    What next? Will CB feature a steaming turd with a talking face Photoshopped onto it?

    I absolutely believe in freedom of speech – and while Ian Miller has every right to post this, I’d have been more impressed if there had been some intelligent content to go along with the visuals.

    • DNAndy

      The name of the short is “Cheap Joke.”

      • I dunno. You can do a cheap joke and include story and character development. There’s nothing here (shock value aside) that would want to make me watch it again.

      • amid

        I don’t know who this Ian Miller thinks he is. . .animating some insanely creative images without any story development and thinking he can pass himself off as a filmmaker. Reminds me of another hack named Norman McLaren who made lots of films that elicited a visceral reaction from the audience, but where was the story? My emotional reaction to a visual experience means nothing unless there’s character and story development.

        [sarcasm off]

      • Amid – then we agree to disagree. Everyone looks for something different.

      • Ryoku

        This short was just one minute long,you can’t do much in the way of story or characters in that space.

        That being said I thought this short was just revolting, and pointless.

    • What does freedom of speech have to do with what someone puts in a cartoon or whether a cartoon blog posts it?

      • Freedom of speech means that Ian Miller has the right to make any type of cartoon that he wants. But I don’t have to watch it.

      • Uuuh not really what it means but ok.

      • DNAndy

        But no one told you that you had to watch or like it. What are you even trying to argue about. Why not just say that you didn’t like it and go about your day instead of trying to be high and mighty about your animation tastes of a silly one-minute cartoon.

      • I did say that I didn’t like it and specified why. Not being high and mighty – just saying what I thought.

    • Actually I agree, I bet his mother hates him for making an animated film like this.

      • Ian Miller

        Just for the record, my ma has seen this and she laughed. She’s got a good sense of humor.

  • I’m blown away that someone animators and fans of animation itself can’t be blown away by this. Ok maybe you want to be extreme and say it didn’t flip your mind, but seriously not even alittle impressed? Ok and even if you were impressed, really to
    Just flat out crap on a clearly beautifully animated piece.? That really boggles the
    mind. I had the pleasure of working with Ian recently and damn if that guy isn’t one of the most talented, and unique artists working in the feild today. Ian great work my man, your inspirational and a good guy to boot. That’s a combination you rarely come across in an industry where egos can get in the way. Maybe I’m biased. Keep it up Ian this industry needs your originality.

    • Ryoku

      I’m fine with people “crapping out” on this short, its an ugly revolting mess without much animation until the last few seconds.

      What needs to happen is Ian getting to know a writer.

      • Ryoku

        Though to be fair, you can’t write much for a one minute cartoon, but you can do more than have a guy stand around.

  • Sunday

    Got me to watching his “Mak the Horny Mac Daddy” again. Betwixt the two of these shorts, you have something raw, dynamic, and funny as hell — a one-two animation punch like few others!

  • Brian

    Thanks for posting this Amid. Ian’s work never cease’s to impress me and have been a fan since I saw Mak The Horny Mac Daddy at Ottawa. It’s understandable that the content isn’t everyone’s cup to tea but there was a considerable amount of skill crammed into one minute. To sarcastically say that his mother must be proud seems like a cheap shot and saying this is on par with a steaming turd with a face is unnecessary.

  • You gotta give the guy credit for that spurt of awesome animation but yea, the shit added to the toilet was a bit much and I can’t help but wish he would’ve done something a story teller would do and actually take the time to make it a funny joke as opposed to what an animator usually does which is just animate. That’s really the worst part of this to me.

    We get it, it’s supposed to be stupid so don’t take it that seriously but yeah, just wish the joke would’ve been even remotely funny. Feel it would’ve added a lot. Now only people who like line mileage will appreciate this and animation nerds like myself who dig craftsmanship.

    Or in this case, “craftsmanshit”….ahahahahahahahahah.

    Seriously, awesome animation skills demonstrated. Keep em’ coming :)

  • DNAndy

    Nicely animated! Reminds me of Robert Crumb and Rat Fink.

  • DHaynes

    Seriously grotesque, and yet beautiful.

  • Inspiring, Ian! Looked really dope!

  • Ian Miller

    Thanks to Amid and Brian for getting this on CB. And thanks to everyone for your comments. I appreciate all of them.

  • david

    i’d rather watch something awesome like this that celebrates the artform of ANIMATION (moving drawings) than hear about “storytelling”

    if you want to tell stories go write a book or read to kids at the library.

  • IAN!!! you’re a maniac!!! this is awesome!!! i’m glad to see that you’ve been up to more badass stuff since superjail wrapped! hot damn!!!

  • big bad balloon

    I agree with people complaining about “no story”.

    I mean, Hollywood studios never blow millions of dollars on stuff that looks great but has no story. Get with the program, Ian!

    And yeah, AWESOME animation. Why aren’t people complaining about the lack of story in “animated fragments”?

    • …um… because they’re animated FRAGMENTS…?

      • johnny

        Good call.

        Because everyone knows animation can’t have a story unless it’s specifically labeled as a feature, series or short.

        Thanks for posting great animation on an animation site.

    • Ryoku

      I dunno, with only a minute at hand you can’t tell much of a story.

      • x-men > cap’n america

        Animated commercials tell stories in 15-30 seconds…

  • xevo

    Hey, “The Crunch Bird” was based on a cheap joke, and won an Oscar.

  • Yea this was awesome, and if I know Ian he was probably laughing his ass off making this. The whole thing is him, and that’s what I like about it. I understand people look for story, and people should, it’s just sometimes people do stuff for themselves. I feel like whatever you do, as long as you stay true to yourself you can never go wrong. Ian made a sick little piece, but he did it for him. And at the end of the day were all here talking about it so that says something. Great work man, can’t wait to see more! Thanks CartoonBrew for posting!

  • Conor

    Incredibly creative and fantastically executed. As far as complaints about story, I’d rather watch something with a lot of character and little story than the other way around, and there’s a lot of character in all the poses, expressions, and designs. Without character, there’s nothing to engage one in a story, but in short pieces, something that’s purely character driven, absolutely does it’s job.

  • the designs likes a Basil Wolverton’s Style.

  • TJR

    Just caught up to this post……That was just TOO Maniacally Insanely Hysterical! Who cares if it didn’t have a story or character development? A lot of Looney Tunes sometimes have little or no story and are just there to set up and deliver gags. Many of them don’t even have endings, they just simply come to a close when their time is up.

    This film definitely has an ending though :)

  • Keegan

    I can’t believe this website dedicated to animation posted an animation.

    C’MON AMID. You have to post STORIES not ANIMATIONS. This site is called Story Brew for a reason!

    Oh wait..

  • Patrick Miller

    Well I loved it. Funny so many worries about what Ian’s Mother thought of it….lol… the last thing an artist should do is make only things he imagines his family would approve of…. whatever, I would have loved it even without any audio.