“Cute Attack” by Matt Danner

The cartoon/hybrid movie I want to see. Written by Eric Kaplan (Futurama) and directed by Matt Danner (Out of Jimmy’s Head, Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island!, Spumco¸).

(Thanks, Kali Fontecchio)

  • Well I can’t say it LOOKS better than Yogi Bear, Yet somehow…it FEELS better.

  • randy V

    what crap. horrible design, rotten animation and a lame joke. i’m sick of seeing the same obvious and supposedly edgy dreck.

    • The Gee

      Randy V.

      Do some of us a solid and share some of that “obvious and supposedly edgy dreck.”

      It might help enlighten me a bit. And, who knows maybe others might enjoy it one way or another, by loving or hating it all.

      I’ll tell you what, if I see some examples then I’ll be like you all and be quick to click something I may not like.

      Thanks for sharing ahead of time.

      • mat

        No Gee, you’ve got it all wrong.
        You’re criticizing Randy for being quick to judge something as bad, which does NOT work in this situation.
        Some people may find this funny, but the thing is, people are just dumb. This is a dumb film, which is poorly written, and most of all poorly directed. It reminds me of Shorts.
        Shorts was directed by Robert Rodriguez, the man behind Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Both films are aimed towards kids, and flopped because of their irritatingly poor production. Finding Nemo was also aimed towards kids, and Finding Nemo broke box office records while being unanimously critically acclaimed. Nobody remembers Robert’s movies, and nobody saw them because they were stupid. Finding Nemo is loved by the youngest of kids as well as their parents and their grandparents, and will be a classic forever. Few films also made $800 million. Which quality of movie should be the standard?

        And also, do you really not know what he means when he calls this “obvious edgy dreck”? Some examples include Yogi Bear, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Robert Rodriguez’ kid’s movies, and everything from Matt Danner. Do you really not see the pattern?

  • Matt

    ‘randy V’ speaks for me.
    What an utter waste of time.

    When is someone actually going to use 3D with some sort of artistic foundation and sensibility?
    Let someone like Pascal Campion direct a film / short.
    Now THAT I’d like to see.

  • The Gee

    I think it is official.
    That is the only clip i’ve watched “on” this site which has made me laugh.
    It was perfect for being so intentionally imperfect…all the way through.

    good job. That was a good short.

  • Well… no.

    (Perfect indicator wether it’s crap: rock music soundtrack. Always restricts any film to the understanding of 13yr olds.)

  • Tim Schuit

    Utter garbage. Lame joke, way too long, horrible delivery, not the least bit cute and poorly animated.

    • The Gee


      How is it that people are having problems recognizing that it was not intended to be the smoothest, slickest, high-budget (over budget) extravaganza ever?

      It is just a short. A short that features a very basic gag and that is built up by the most ridiculous looking animation. (and now I’m curious how it would have played out if the victim had been rolled into a ball and shot through a basketball hoop.)

      If it were completely animated, from top to bottom, yeah I can see why it would be painful to look at, especially for people who frequent this site. But, the thing is that given the high frequency of live action hybrid features and all of the crappy to disappointing trailers and teasers we watch online, to see something that is not great and doesn’t try to be great and isn’t likely to be anything more than this one short is refreshing.

      Besides that, it looks like they had fun making it. If you couldn’t see that, where were you looking?

      • Tim Schuit

        Your dissertation here has no relevance to my comment. I didn’t say it had to be a high budget extravaganza.

        Great, they had fun making it. I’m happy for them. That doesn’t make it any less awful.

      • The Gee

        The short does not come across as an attempt at being anything great. It is just a comedic short.

        I really don’t know what to point you to so that you can understand where the guys who put it together are coming from. Maybe it is the dorky sound effects. Maybe there’s some other clue in that you can understand.

        I tell you what. I will agree with you, Amid, Randy V and the many others who find it to be awful. I can see why you feel it is awful and I certainly concede it is not a tour de force of filmmaking, in terms of craft.

        Where we still differ is that I see it as being intentionally bad and enjoyable for that very reason. I find it funny because it is awful and that the filmmakers are aware of what they are doing. Meanwhile all of you are overreacting because you don’t get the joke, or don’t want to get the joke.

        And, as comedy goes, it is awfully funny.

      • Su

        @The Gee: is it that horrible that a person like Tim just DOESN’T like the video?

      • The Gee

        Of course it is not horrible, Su. It is just a drag to see people react as if someone scraped the chalkboard with their nails. That’s all.

        As I mentioned, this cartoon is the first thing I’ve seen posted on Cartoon Brew in the several years that I’ve looked at this site that has made me laugh.

        Off the top of my head, I can only think of one other cartoon/related item I’ve seen online which has made me laugh. There’s just that much crap out there.

        (Though, I also don’t make like Pavlov’s dog and look at every thing someone says to look at.) Just because a video or video clip is online doesn’t mean it is worth the time to watch. So, I usually ignore stuff.

        If the short didn’t make Tim or others laugh, that is just the way it goes. I’ve seen some of the creators independent efforts before so I “get” where they might be coming from and I felt compelled to initially comment because I *did* laugh. I certainly didn’t expect to because I initially thought it was a trailer for a show or a feature. Once I realized it was its own self-contained thing, that redefined how I looked at it critically.

      • Angry Anim

        I guess what’s annoying is that this was written and directed to people who have worked in animation for years… that you would expect something more clever and original than this.

        I think we’ve all had similar ideas to this when we were 13… which is fine. If that’s what you’re going for, that’s cool. But if it’s supposed to be”intentionally bad”, then it’s not over the top enough. Personally, I think those Korean news animated shorts are more funny than this.

      • The Gee

        Well, if it isn’t as “over-the-top” as it could be, that is unfortunate.

        While I haven’t watched more than two of those S. Korean Apple News videos, those *seem* to be awkwardly funny, with a heaping helping of something obviously was lost in translation.

        As for the fact that the guys have worked in animation for a while and “should know better” etc. I don’t know.

        I guess I’m more forgiving because I can appreciate the word “play” in relation to cartoons and in comedy. Adding Play to Funny usually results in Fun being added. That takes it to a different level. Whether that level is up or down is a matter of opinion, I guess.

        Hope that makes sense…ha ha…if anyone still reads these comments….

  • rakesh

    jerry tops himself

  • …..I thought it was funny. Jeez, is it that bad?

    • jic

      Yes. Yes it is.

    • The Gee

      If what happened in the short really happened and was captured on video AND you laughed at that THEN start questioning your sense of humor.

      Since it was made up, don’t feel the need to have second thoughts about what makes you laugh.

      • mat

        Dude.. They weren’t talking about the violence, he’s embarrassed for liking it because the humor is dumb simple and intended for 10 year old’s. That’s so clear to everyone else, even the one other guy who thought this was funny. How can you not read into that? People like you are so interesting to me.

  • Rebecca

    I like the story idea. If the animation was a bit more smoothed out and there was a tooth or some hair flying, I think it would have been a very refreshing short. Good to see some of that old school cartoon violence making its way back onto the circuit.

  • Brandy T.


  • Jorge Garrido

    That was about as funny as an easter bonnet cap.

  • pappy d

    Furry S&M!

  • Boy, people here are really pickey! I thought it was funny!

    • sean

      check minus comment!

  • For what it is – a bunch of people having a good time, making a short film, it’s pretty darned good. Lame joke? Sure. But the fun is in the journey.

  • lola

    Sure they could have had fun making this but that doesn’t make it any better or worse. In the end it’s only the finished product that matters.
    And wow that was terrible. Wonky character design, wonky amateur animation, and lame jokes.

    • Roger

      In my opinion the movie just isn’t “bad” enough. It’s somewhere in the middle.. on the same level as movies it tries to make fun of. The biggest offend you can give to a movie that tries to beat the crap out of mediocre movies, is to say, it’s.. mediocre.

    • So show us yours. Being a critic is easy. Getting off your butt and actually doing something is tough.

      • lola

        Sure it’s tough. Which is why I’d rather see such efforts put towards better things. I can’t even tell if their joke is genuine or they’re trying to make fun of something. That’s the worst part.

        Chill, bro. If you can like it for your own reasons then allow me to dislike for my own reasons as well. U mad?

  • I loved it.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Sorry, but it lost me when the teacher turned around and his gaze did not meet the bear’s. It made me think: “OK, when are they going to do the REAL short instead of this practice run?” Also the joke was not all that funny, but it WAS loud and annoying.

    • The Gee

      That’s odd because that turnaround was something I took as a cue to just not take it seriously at all.

      But, like it matters. The short may just be a good example of something which people either like or loathe.

      I don’t think it should be either/or (or, either/or/mediocre) but that’s the way the ball bounces sometimes.

  • FP

    The above criticisms attempt to denigrate the short by pointing out the characteristics that make it appealing and entertaining. What the heck?!?

    • jtOuimet1913

      People are just jealous that they’re not making stuff the brewmasters would put on the site (and lets be honest, theres a little troll in everybody :P).

    • The Gee

      FP, it is odd, isn’t it?

      it would seem like there were enough clues in it to make it clear that it is a certain kind of comedy, that it has a mocking tone to it. For instance, the joke itself is not too far removed from being something which would be in a comic strip or in a kids show, like Electric Company or something. With extra cartoon-violence, of course. It is a really simple gag.

      But, I guess my snap critical reading of it isn’t even close to that of others. That’s just the way it goes, I guess. But, what do I know, I’m just a caveman cartoonist?

      If this “experience” has taught me anything it is:

      Live and Let Live. To Each His or Her Own. Cliches Are a Dime a Dozen. Amongst other things….

  • Its simultaneously too well-done for me to think its a parody.. and not done well enough for me to take it seriously.

  • Well, I mean, it’s obvious that it’s crappy on purpose.
    Still, you havea Futurama writer, so I figured there’d at least be TWO jokes instead of that cliched single one. Although the director of it makes sense (have you seen Out of Jimmy’s Head? *shudder*)

  • Some things cannot be unseen…

  • Hal

    Bear should have just sliced him in half.

  • What a bunch of crybaby snobs. Everybody is falling all over themselves to prove how clever they are by hating it. Ahhh, my favorite comedy act: Amid’s Snobs!!!You all should get bowling shirts!
    It’s fun. I love the beating scenes. They did a lot with what they had, and that doesn’t seem to be much.
    My only gripe is that they cribbed the gag from an old Popeye strip,…but then I cribbed the SAME gag for a comic I did back in college. Nice.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    Foster’s Home for Imaginary Psychopaths

  • Dave

    Great work Matt. Very Funny Short. Love the voice work.

  • i hate to criticize stuff like this, because it is really well done, but there just was no element of surprise in it. when you first see the bear, no matter how cute, you know exactly what’s going to happen and then the joke goes on too long. maybe there should have been something leading up to the joke?

    • mat

      I enjoy your criticism, it’s exactly what’s wrong with the film, spot on. But I’d like to tell you that it’s also very ok to criticize it because it’s definitely not well done. The difference is just that the guys who made it had a good budget, not that any talent went into it.

  • I liked it. It was sort of a childhood imaginary friend fantasy and a revenge fantasy rolled together and pushed over the top.

  • This short caused me no strong positive or negative feelings.

  • Later that same day the bear is taking a crap next to a rabbit who is doing the same and the bear asks the rabbit if crap sticks to his fur when taking a crap and the rabbit answers “no” so the bear uses the rabbit to wipes his ass- while the little snot nosed girl looks on with absolutely no comprehension.