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Day & Night by Teddy Newton

Day & Night posted this publicity image from Teddy Newton’s Day & Night, the Pixar short that will screen in front of Toy Story 3. Teddy has been in the industry for quite a while–I did a profile on him back in 2002 for Animation Blast #8–and it’s exciting to see him finally get the spotlight with a short that’ll be seen by many people. Don Shank, who worked on the film, wrote on his blog earlier today that Day & Night is “unlike anything Pixar has produced before” and that working on the film was “one of the best times I’ve ever had working on anything, which is saying a lot because I’ve worked on some really great projects (uh… hello… like the academy award winning UP!).”

(Thanks, Tony Wisneske)

  • Mike

    looks great! i’m assuming it’s 2D from the image above.. which is wonderful.. i would love to see more traditional animation from pixar.

  • Lala-Marin

    It may only be a promotional image, but they certainly have my attention. I love the design, it’s a lot more graphic than anything I’ve seen in a while.

  • hmmm… looks like 2D. Hand drawn 2D. Will the short be? That would be unlike anything they’ve done before.

    Regarding the previous “Disappearing Cartoon” thread… maybe the way for hand drawn 2D to be re established in the market place is for a trusted brand to do something first-rate with it.

    “Disney” isn’t that trusted brand any more, but “Pixar” is. I’m just saying…

  • The images “inside” the characters will be CG, but Day and Night is essentially a 2D short. The character animation is all hand drawn.

  • Kyle Maloney

    Looking forward to it.

    And I do think it’ll be hand drawn. The only other time I can remember them using a 2d image to promote a short was Your Friend the Rat, (which of course was 2d)

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

    but even if it is 3d, it still sounds like an interesting concept.

  • Jay Sabicer

    Isn’t it grand that a single image can generate excitement? And I have to agree, 2d isn’t dead, it just needs a re-thinking–not being a mass-produced commodity. PIXAR is still a ‘craftsman’ shop, and I hope Mssrs. Jobs and Lasseter had legal language in their merger agreement that stating that it stays that way. And I’m not willing to count Disney out just yet, they have been several times before, and they manage to bounce back.

  • Mark

    It’s both 2D and 3D, but can only be seen in Stereo.

  • I bet this short is gonna rule the school!

    Mute the colors a little bit and that image may as well be the cover to a cool ’60s children’s book.

  • What a great change! 2D animation from PIXAR will be looking, at least, very interesting!
    Always looking for original ideas, that’s the greatest thing on doing new projects!

  • Aaron

    Teddy Newton is awesome! His illustrations for the Presto Golden Book are superb, they have strong cartoony design that is rarely used any more. Hope to see him do a feature in the future.

  • Reminds me of Richard McGuire’s ‘Night Becomes Day’.

  • It’s nice to see something new and original from them, given that the film this will play in front of is a third in a series.

  • pheslaki

    It’s kind of sad how excited people here get if an image looks 2D and how knee-jerk hateful they are if it’s 3D.

  • This will absolutely boggle your mind. I helped out in story on it a bit and loved every minute of it. It’s genius across the board.

  • Adam

    Excited! Looking forward to it as like someone noted above, it may re-establish the 2D brand in the mainstream a bit. Mainly for being quirky and inventive, and not having to revert to over-cel shading and show tunes.

  • This looks great. Teddy Newton being a part of it certainly ups my enthusiasm.

    If it really is 2-D, then that’ll make this the first theatrical Pixar short in 2-D.

  • pheslaki wrote: “It’s kind of sad how excited people here get if an image looks 2D and how knee-jerk hateful they are if it’s 3D.”


    I don’t think that’s it at all . It’s not hatefulness towards CG , it’s starvation for good Hand-Drawn animation and sadness that hand-drawn is now perceived as the old broken down race horse who has been put-out-to-pasture.

    If suddenly by some strange twist we were in a situation where Hand-Drawn was once again the dominant form of theatrical animation and CG was fighting for it’s life you might find the sentiment reversed.

    Some of us who are particular devotees of Hand Drawn don’t hate CG or want CG to go away, but would prefer a broader view of animation that allows all forms of animation to flourish: Hand Drawn, CG, Stop Motion, and various experimental types of “art” animation.

    It’s related to this discussion:

    The Disappearing Cartoon

    The popular perception that CG has “replaced” Hand Drawn and all that “2D is dead” nonsense is what has people grasping at any signs of life, and especially coming from Pixar the premiere CG Animation studio , this is a hopeful sign. I don’t hate CG , but I don’t think hand-drawn animation should be put up on a shelf or in a museum . If I may be permitted to mix these things up a bit, our old friend Hand-Drawn Animation can be personified as being sort of like Jessie the Cowgirl in Toy Story II : afraid of being forced back into storage , distrustful, hurt , but secretly longing for that time “when somebody loved me”. Or sometimes seeming to be openly hostile, just like old-fashioned Woody threatened by the coming of the shiny new cool toy Buzz Lightyear who he fears will replace him.

  • christian

    Here my favorite Teddy Newton cartoon .

    Do not open at work!

  • I’m delighted with this development. Mighty Pixar has the clout and vision to fulfill the dream I expressed in my little video talk about drawn animation! And PLEASE let’s drop this odious put-down term “2-D!”
    It’s meaningless. Drawn animation is a great and broad medium of opportunity for all of us. Those 450 poor misled animators unceremoniously dumped from Image Movers now have something to think about!

  • I could add that I believe drawn animation represents a broad and unlimited opportunity for animation and for animators!

  • “And PLEASE let’s drop this odious put-down term “2-D!”


    Hear hear !

    Great speech worth watching again:

  • Teddy Newton rocks

    The characters facial expressions look great

    It’s hand drawn animation and it looks cartoony

    I can’t wait!!!

  • Johnnie

    I hope none of you are under the impression that a 2D short done by Pixar will suddenly cause a resurgence of drawn films. Get real. It won’t make an ounce of difference.

    The future of 2D animation will be in the hands of independents and the occasional studio shorts. And of course the once in a decade big budget 2D studio film. The bean counters will see to that.

  • “If it really is 2-D, then that’ll make this the first theatrical Pixar short in 2-D.”

    Haven’t most pixar shorts been 2-D? I certainly don’t remember the fancy glasses being given out for “Geri’s Game” or “Presto”.

    And if all of Pixar’s theatrical work has been 3D, was “UP 3D” a little superfluous?

  • This image says everything to me..

    .. FUN and hand drawn!! I can’t wait for this SHORT! (not so much for TS3)

    I think if Pixar starts to do traditional, and succeeds(*why would it not?), traditional may make a COME BACK!

    *You listening Cartoon Network and MOST production studios!



  • Erika L. Brown

    I too just saw “Day & Night.” It was beautiful and the best animation I have seen in a very long time in terms of creativity and story line. I would hope to see more of this! I wish that I could buy it alone! Please offer a DVD for consumers.