“Dog Skateboard” by Nate Milton “Dog Skateboard” by Nate Milton

“Dog Skateboard” by Nate Milton

This is about as good as it’s going to get on a rainy Monday morning. Dog Skateboard is by Nate Milton of The Amigo Unit.

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  • Diego

    Oh right. Irony. I get it.

  • Sometimes these simple web cartoons are more engaging than recent feature-length displays of military-grade graphics horsepower. This reminds me (without bothering to check my memory for accuracy) of Tissa David’s work and other Hubley stuff.

  • Nice big-spin flip down the set… but shoulda hit the
    rail! :)

    (charming work)

    • It’s supposed to be a switch frontside flip. Big flip, dog would have landed backwards again. :)

  • pspector

    My own dog would never sit still for this. However, I dug it.

  • Adam Orton

    Definately should’ve done the grindey thingy on the rail, other than that I thought it was cool. Well done!

  • Robert Schaad

    I like it…the simplicity of the design works in its favor.

  • Hi, Nate. I’m from the ASPCA (the Animator’s Society for the Preservation of Cruelty to Animals), and we are thrilled to see this! Not since Chuck Jones dropped Wile E. Coyote down a mile-high desert cliff has a cartoonist so charmingly f**ked with an animated animal. Keep up the good work, and you may soon find yourself in a poorly lit sweatshop, surrounded by computer programmers, law students-turned-creative executives, and birthday-themed sheet cake!

    • mat

      How can I join ASPCA? i want to stop this too.

  • BLT

    Am I the only one seeing a Tom & Jerry “The Two Mousketeers” cartoon in this panel? Nothing about “dogs” or “skateboards”. Maybe a mixed-up link?

  • BLT

    Hmmm… refreshed the page, and now it’s “Dog Skateboard”. Which is super-weird, since the T&J toon was a YouTube link, and this one is a Vimeo plugin.

    Toons! Whaddayagonnado…

  • Should have been called “bear cub skateboard” xD
    Certainly cute!
    You riled up some attention for sure.

  • Hasn’t this bit been done before?

  • Iritscen

    Coming Soon: “Dog Skateboard: The Movie”. Live-action people mixed with an almost-but-not-quite-photo-realistic dog on a skateboard who fights crime (minor changes had to be made to the story during the adaptation process).

  • Geneva

    I love this!! Totally wonderful. Great job, Nate!