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Ed Koch, RIP

Former New York City mayor Ed Koch died yesterday at the age of 88. A caricature of Koch was the star of Jimmy Picker’s 1983 Oscar-winning animated short Sundae in New York. (Koch did not voice the character.)

A cartooned Koch also appeared once on The Critic:

  • Johnny Fedora

    It’s interesting that Ed Koch is remembered on Cartoon Brew, which he never did any animation voice overs, that I know of, and Patty Andrews wasn’t mentioned despite that The Andrews Sisters had actually provided their music for two animated Disney package films.

    • Polecat

      Why Patty Andrews? Did she die recently? Just curious.

  • Polecat

    I liked the quirkiness of Sundae in New York. You don’t see such playful stuuf that often anymore. Lots of insider humor for New Yorkers. BTW, was that really the voice of Rodney Dangerfield in the cameo?

  • Even though it’s not specifically animation-related, the mayor of Gotham City in the Tim Burton’s first Batman film was most certainly meant to evoke Ed Koch. He certainly looked and sounded like him!

  • I think Koch appeared in another episode of The Critic where a joke had someone mention the only guy who wants to go out with her was Koch. He appears outside a window doing his “How my doing?” which she disses and he’s like “I’m not doing very well.”