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“Fat” Floats Onto the Internet

All the fat in Fat is contained in its title; the film itself is a lean and mean laugh machine that offers a goofy series of gags hinged on a surreal visual concept. The 2011 Supinfocom Arles graduation short was directed by Gary Fouchy, Yohann Auroux Bernard, and Sebastien De Oliveira Bispo. The film’s website includes some funny concept work and animated GIFs.

  • tony

    It reminded me a lot of the openning trailers for the ITFS 2013. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOOljk_LOcs

  • Arigatōr

    Wow, that’s interesting – the trailer and corporate design of this year’s 20th festival of animated film in Stuttgart (ITFS) also features ballooned animals just like in this short. I wonder if this is merely coincidence or the idea was actually inspired by “Fat”.
    For comparison:

    • Ferdinand Engländer

      I know the students who came up with this year’s ITFS trailer, and they developed their idea through countless scribblings and discussions during the ITFS trailer seminar. I doubt that they ever saw or got inspired by this short. Anyway, I recommend everybody to check out their trailer series (to my mind, it works far better than this).

      • Suica

        They are excellent for sure but not the same format, so hardly comparable imo

  • Appsro

    I loved the style of this. The colors poped right of of the screen.

  • Spencer

    There’s a bit of A Town Called Panic in here! Lovely stuff! Great use of 2D fx animation, too!