“Life By A Thread” by James Sugrue “Life By A Thread” by James Sugrue

“Life By A Thread” by James Sugrue

New York-based Titmouse animator Jim Sugrue’s latest personal film could use a musical score, but is otherwise a pretty wild ride:

  • spip

    That ending was so epic! totally caught me off guard.

  • That was really nice. Love the drawing style and the takes.

  • This was a good video– It definitely had a little John Kricfalusi vibe.

  • christy

    way to go james!!!!!!!!!!
    awesome animation and awesome gags! loved it!

    • James

      Thanks Christy!

  • Keegan

    Stellar animation, the slapstick was incredible.

  • Now that was a satisfying ending.!!! :D

  • Nice. A bunch of great classic gags, love it. Well executed, nice timing, nice animation, fun story. A touch slow, but a soundtrack may help. Awesome ending! I really liked it.

  • katy


  • I love it when random laughs like the train conductor’s pop up. Just makes me laugh hard.

  • Nice animation. Good gags.
    Many bloody Hallmark moments.
    Sound design and music is half a cartoon.
    So THREAD feels incomplete.
    These vocal-type sound effects work best with paper cutout animation by kids and/or unwatchable super-artsy cartoons made with grant money.

    LIFE BY A THREAD can still be salvaged. Throw some music and high-impact noises in there.

  • Christopher Smigliano

    Good, VERY well done and funny. I don’t mind that there’s no music.

  • I play the musical saw http://youtu.be/lPvTTc7jAVQ – let me know if you want to record for the soundtrack.

  • manny

    the lack of a musical backing alludes to the loneliness of being homeless and freezing in a big city, when all you see and feel are your own lack of contentedness

  • James

    Hey everyone, thank you all for you kind words!

  • Yvette Kaplan

    Fantastic James! Really wonderful. I too look forward to seeing it with a full musical soundtrack one day. It’s all there waiting. Bravo!!!! And may it lead you onward to more!