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“Made by Molly” by Cam and Benny

This pilot for a pre-school pitch by Cameron Baity and Benny Zelkowicz (aka Cam and Benny) – about a little girl getting into trouble with her stuffed monster friend, Galoot – is a combination of traditional stop mo, drawn, CG, and even some rock-salt animation for the snow elements. It’s slick, professional and very, very cute.

The pair are Cal Arts graduates who have gone on to professional careers in stop-mo (Baity directs Morel Orel, Zelkowicz animates on Robot Chicken). Together, for a change of pace, they decided to “try to make something sunny and kid friendly”. Whether they sell the series or not, this test piece is a quite a charmer:

  • DJ Scott

    The writing’s good and the show isn’t pandering to kids. I hope it gets picked up, this is a quality product.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Amazingly expressive. It retains a Calvin and Hobbes sensibility.

    • Omar Wiseman

      It’s find this kind of funny because the animation reminds me so much of Robot Chicken. I keep expecting something bad to happen haha. Great pilot regardless though.

      • PuppetClothes

        I’m confused. How is this in any way similar to Robot Chicken?

        • KingKrab

          The Robot Chicken animation style is pretty obvious considering the both creators have animated on that show. Cute short!

  • This is great. It’s got a lot of charm and cute characters. GREAT ANIMATION ON GALOOT!!!. He was a lot of fun to watch.
    Good luck. I hope it gets picked up.

  • That was great!!! Loved the tone too.

  • LOVE IT!!!!

  • nice short…best of luck!

  • PuppetClothes

    Any network would be a fool not to pick this up. Pre-K kids need more quality shows like Molly!

  • Judy

    I loved it. Parents would definitely encourage children to watch this. It’s great, Cam.

  • Yvette Kaplan

    What fun! Cam and Benny have definitely succeeded in their goal to make something ‘sunny and kid freindly.’ A worthy goal indeed and I wish them a long and happy future doing so.