“Mound” by Allison Schulnik “Mound” by Allison Schulnik
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“Mound” by Allison Schulnik

Clay animation can be a magical medium when the material is allowed to be itself and not dressed up to look like something else. This is something that animators like Bruce Bickford and David Daniels understood, as does CalArts Experimental grad Allison Schulnik. The pulsating figures in her new short Mound are reminiscent of an earlier Grizzly Bear music video of hers that I posted in 2009, but there’s also some fun new visual concepts, particularly the sequence that begins at the two-minute mark.

Film by Allison Schulnik
Cinematography by Helder K. Sun.
“It’s Raining Today” written by Noel Scott Engel

(Thanks, Jorge Gutierrez)

  • Brian

    This was awesome! All of the morphing characters are utterly creepy.

  • 2011 Senior Citizen

    Reminds me of an older stop-motion short featuring marching figures meant to look like cake frosting. The title escapes me at the moment.

  • OtherDan

    Very cool Ally! I remember seeing her paint at school and I love that she managed to bring those paintings to life and be true to her vision. It reminds me of Corny’s animation a little. He’d be proud.

  • Nic

    This makes me feel deeply uncomfortable.

    How is it still so fantastic? Absolutely beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone experiment with claymation like this. Wonderful work.

  • pizzaforeveryone

    yes! amazing! Love the bickford influence, and the new techniques too. watched this a couple times yesterday.

  • akira

    awesome!!!! i think Jules is watching this in heaven!

  • manalano

    I am amazed at her ability to stay true to the emotion of the music and inject her unique style. I can’t get enough of her work.