neighborhoodwatch-carlo neighborhoodwatch-carlo

“Neighborhood Watch” by Mike Carlo

Mike Carlo’s new short Neighborhood Watch premiered last Friday at the Midsummer Night Toons screening in Manhattan. There is no question that Carlo, who directed the animation on the second and third seasons of Superjail! at Titmouse East, knows how to put together a slick cartoon that looks as good as anything on TV. He’d be unstoppable if he collaborated with a writing partner to create characters and stories as polished as his animation.

Written and directed by Mike Carlo
Backgrounds and color desgn by Elliott Byrne
Music and sound design by Joseph Spallina

  • Daniel Savage

    is there a calendar somewhere with nyc events like this?

  • Bob Harper

    This was fun. I don’t think he needs a writer – this is as good as any Adult Swim or Fox show going.

  • Roberto Severino

    I love this. Very fluid and funny animation. I’d love to see this on an adult animation block like on FOX or Adult Swim.

  • Mike Carlo

    Wow I can’t believe the amazing responses to this short on brew and YouTube. Thanks for posting this Amid. I hope people are enjoying this cartoon as much as I did making it!

    • Gorgon Lazardda Numther

      I love you.