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Oscar-Nominee “Head Over Heels” Posted Online

Timothy Reckart’s Head Over Heels was posted online today. Reckart produced the film as a graduation project at the UK’s National Film & Television School.

Head Over Heels is the fourth of this year’s Oscar-nominated animation shorts to appear online along with Fresh Guacamole, Paperman, and Adam and Dog. The only short that hasn’t yet appeared online is Maggie Simpson in “The Longest Daycare”.

  • M.R. Horhager

    Awesome short! Takes advantage of the medium in the best possible ways. The story is unique and stayed with me for awhile after watching it. The reason I love shorts! Great job to all involved!

    • I’m still thinking about it right now, very highly innovative concept and execution. It puts into question what did happen to this couple we will never know. Whatever happened made it permanent and they’ll just have to continue to live with it despite the obstacles.

    • I can’t go that far. It was a mediocre longlist and a weak shortlist, but I think this is definitely the best of those available. At least, like Paperman, there’s some innovation and a bit of creativity within the straightforward story, animation, and aesthetics.
      For a graduation project, however, it’s truly excellent. I’ll be watching his career, certainly.

  • Great short!

  • I think the best films are the ones that keep you thinking after it’s ended. You don’t need to know more than what is seen in the context of the story and story like “Head Over Heels” does a fine job depicting a middle aged couple coming to terms with their disconnection perfectly while leaving just enough for us to think about on our own or come up with other possibilities to how or why it happened.

  • I don’t know if it’s an official post or a leak. But here’s the Maggie Simpson one.
    in very good quality.


  • Great short!

  • Inkan1969

    Of the five nominees, this is the one I’d want to see win. It had the most meaningful theme for me.