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“Paths Of Hate” trailer

Here’s the trailer for the latest short from the Polish Film Institute and Platige Image, the Polish studio behind Tomek Baginski’s award winning films (Fallen Art, Cathedral). Director Damian Nenow was the key member of Baginski’s team last few years, responsible for editing his last shorts. His Paths of Hate is a 3D animation stylized as 2D comic book (though not based on any actual comic). The film had its premiere last week in Warsaw and has just started screening on the festival circuit. Can’t wait to see it.

  • Mr. Critic

    Everything but the character animation looks good.

  • Wow! For the most part, it had a graphic look that somewhat reminded me of richard williams animated sequences for “The Charge of the Light Brigade.” Also has that Zack Snyder Camera-thing going for it, so I’d like to give it a check someday.

  • Lib

    Really, really cool shots.

    I’m not sure I understand the Zack Snyder comment, though. Snyder is notorious for his constant use of slow motion with no real justification, which renders his choice pointless, as every shot and action wants to be emphasized by it. Here they did that just once and it worked, everything else is pretty fast paced, bold and effective.

  • Karen

    “Everything but the character animation looks good.”

    That’s because there IS no “character animation” in this thing. Reminds me of one of those goeblins shorts.

    • Michael

      No character animation in the Gobelins shorts?


      • The Gee

        Yeah. I am not even going to look at the link posted and just second what Michael wrote.

        Most of the Goeblins shorts I’ve seen have character animation and it is some pretty great stuff. It is impressive. There’s also been some I’ve seen which have great camera work. But, for students they do an impressive job at telling their stories.

        I like the still frame that is on the embedded YouTube clip much too much to play the video clip and be disappointed.

        But, hey, it could be sliced-bread great. It’s only a clip, right?

    • PeteR

      That short looks nice, but just moving characters around is NOT “character animation.”. I agree with Karen completely. It gets fairly tiresome to watch shorts like this without something or someone the audience can identify with.

  • Katella Gate

    Very exciting clip. Arresting graphics and use of 3-space. I do wonder, once you move away from action scenes and flash cuts if the stylized characters can act, or if it will come across as rotoscoping.

    • I doubt it’ll look like rotoscope… in fact if anything the character animation looks way too keyframed… the smoothness is an almost disturbing contrast to the hand-sketched renderings.

  • Do’ethe

    Platige Image studios is always been ahead of the pack and this one is no exception.

  • alan

    Very visceral quality to this. The cutting was sharp and the style was nice’n graphic. I likey.

  • Bob

    Ah … meh. It looked more like a video game and there was no human connection to it. I’m not saying it was ‘bad,’ but there was nothing in it to make we want to watch more of it.

  • Caresse

    I love the technique and the style, but I agree with Arvin Bautista. They need to just remove some frames, maybe actually use an exposure sheet.

  • mikek

    intersting… the cloud effects and vapor trail style reminds me so much of japanese anime robotech(macross zero).


    Nice, I really liked it.