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Puck Cinema Caravana

Puck Cinema Caravana

Dani from the Spanish animation blog Protoones turned me on to Puck Cinema Caravana, a cool little project from Spain conceived by Carles Porta and Toni Tomàs. In short, Carles and Toni got their hands on a trailer home, decorated it beautifully on the outside, outfitted the inside with a cinema, and are roaming the Spanish countryside screening rare animated shorts for young and old alike. There is a more in-depth description on the Puck Cinema Caravana blog:

“Puck is a caravan fitted out as a cinema. Its inside is a tiny cinema, maybe the smallest in the world. There is room for seven people. Puck shows animation films which are not usually broadcast on TV. There is a wide selection of international films from all around the world that have been made throughout time. The menu is varied but selected. It aims mostly to the spirit.

The objective is to capture a brand new lover of animated cinema or simply be able to recover the experience of cinema in a particular way in order to enjoy in a short time a little big piece of work of audiovisual creation.”

Puck Cinema Caravana

They’ve put a lot of care and detail into the presentation and branding of their cinema, from the beautiful paint job on the exterior of their cinema-on-wheels to this cute animated trailer:

  • Sara H.

    Neat idea! Though I think if I tried it here in LA I doubt I’d be able to convince many people to come inside my little ‘trailer theater’

  • chris robinson

    I’ve never actually seen it, but the Estonians have been doing something similar for about 5-6 years. They call it the Kinobus. The bus goes around Estonian showing animation at schools.

  • Another cool mobile cinema is the Groovy Movie Picture House, which is all solar powered. From their web site:

    Cinema, and the moving image, appeals particularly to the young, and by generating our electricity using a highly visible array of solar panels, set up in a prominent position at community events, we can teach, by example, the fundamental connection between sunshine and power. By clearly seeing our cinema running on renewable energy, the public will understand how much can be done with a small scale solar setup – and how important energy efficiency is to the successful application of environmentally friendly power sources.

  • Abe

    I don’t know, this sounds pretty awesome. I’m in LA and I’d be interested in checking something like this out. I say u start saving up for that down payment

  • Fred Cline

    That’s a fun, weird, cool, brave idea!

  • G Melissa Graziano

    I love this idea! Major kudos to those who made this project and those like it happen. :)

    Sara, we in Los Angeles have everything else on trucks these days. Why not a cinema? Haha!

  • What a brilliant idea! And what a cool design they’ve painted all over that trailer.