“RGB” by Dan McHale

San Francisco-based illustrator/animator Dan McHale made this cool experimental short film that plays with the RGB (or additive color model).

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  • Your video is amazing Dan. I sure wish I had this when I was teaching color. It’s right on target and very much like what I used to do. I would offer $100 to a student if they could mix white with the primary colors. Of course they were thinking of mixing it with paint. This is well done Dan, congratulations.

  • the Gee

    pretty cool.

  • Matthew Koh

    This might’ve look good on Sesame Street.

  • Tom

    Great! Now we just need a CMYK film… (maybe as a flip book?)

  • Javier Cardona

    Beautiful video! I loved the music too. More!

  • Yann Aubert

    LOL, it remind me the convergence setup of my CRT projector !

  • ADinMI

    I agree with Matthew Koh, you should shop this piece around to Sesame Street, or other children’s programming. Great educational piece- simple, beautiful.

  • wonderful work, Dan! Thanks for sharing:)

  • Gretchen Andrus

    I just spent hours reading about color theory. Should have just watched this video!

  • tom gibbons

    wow really fantastic Dan! great idea and really fun “retro” feeling execution. GOOD SHOW