Stop, Look and Listen (1967) Stop, Look and Listen (1967)

Stop, Look and Listen (1967)

A quick follow-up to my earlier post about the pixilation shorts of Chuck Menville and Len Janson: another one of their shorts is also posted on YouTube, Stop, Look and Listen. This film was nominated for an Oscar for Live-Action Short.

  • Great to see this again!

  • Floyd Norman

    Brilliant stuff. It’s a shame we lost Chuck years ago.

    In any case, I remember when these guys were still students, and use to visit the studio. Years later, when they became producers, I ended up working for them as a writer.

    Real producers. Real Cartoonists. So few guys like Chuck and Len around anymore. This was when animation was fun.

  • You have given me a fond memory today, Amid!! I (vaguely) remember this being aired (as a short) on the (60s) “CBS Thursday Nite at the Movie” (or one of those weekday nite network-movie things!) I also remember this (pixilated human-driving) as a commercial (60s?) Anyone else remember that!?

    Thankx again. These men had more patience than Job!!

    • John

      This same animation effect was applied to a Phillips ’76 commercial. I seem to remember there was an elderly lady with a birdcage, a guy with a lead foot much like the one depicted in the movie and possibly a police officer.

      As a side note, many many years ago a few of my friends and I attempted to create this type of thing using an old 8mm film camera. It was a long day and what we shot took about 12 seconds to view at real time.

  • Chris Padilla

    Amid – These guys made a great pixilation commercial for Gulf in the 1960s, based on their “Stop, Look and Listen” short. Years ago, when I started compiling the retrospective for the Museum, I was in contact with one of the filmmakers but he was unable to locate the spot at the time. It’s such a classic that my program is incomplete without it. I hope to acquire it one day.

  • Cyber Fox

    Nice! Too bad nobody in this generation will find stuff like this entertaining!

  • Zubby

    I really enjoyed this. Thanks for posting it!

  • Andre

    Wow! I first saw this film on PBS back in 1972. It blew me away and helped foster my love of animation even more. Thanks for bringing this treasure back into view.

  • Turner Classic Movies actually showed this short as filler in between movies last month!

  • This was great! Thanks!

  • These guys made a great pixilation commercial for Gulf in the 1960s, based on their “Stop, Look and Listenâ€? short.

    That was one of my favorite commercials as a kid – I’d run into the run just to see it whenever it came on.

    My grandfather thought it was great, too, and it inspired him to figure out how animation was made. Using his Kodak 8mm, we made a couple of short cartoons not long after!

  • How have I lived without ever seeing any of these films?