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Teddy Newton’s “Day and Night” is Called A 3-D Must-See

Day & Night

I’m intrigued by the bold comment that artist Meghan Jean wrote on her Twitter account earlier today:

Teddy Newton’s new short Day & Night is the first piece of cinema I’ve ever seen that actually utilizes 3D in a conceptually relevant way…I’ve seen it in both 2D and 3D now and latter takes it to an entirely new level, no doubt about it. See it in 3D.

Granted, it’s the opinion of one person, but with Teddy at the helm, it sounds about right. As mentioned earlier, Day and Night will screen in front of Toy Story 3.

  • Kyle

    Ugh. I wish 3D movies (and now TVs?!) would go away. 3D ruins the movie experience. The glasses are uncomfortable, especially if you already wear glasses. The glasses also don’t fit kids well. I spend 20% of the movie helping my kids put their glasses back on or actually holding the glasses to their head so they can concentrate on the movie. The glasses also negatively affect color perception. It’s as if you’re watching the movie through heavy fog.

    I’ve seen several animated films in 3D. Last year I made the mistake of seeing “Up” in 3D. Never again. Now, if a movie is shown in 3D and 2D, I will always choose 2D. If it’s only shown in 3D at a certain theatre, I’ll find another theatre showing it in 2D, or I’ll wait for the DVD.

    Plus, theatres in my area charge an extra $4 for a 3D film. Rip-off.

  • Wonder how long it will be before worthwhile discussion of 3D cinema can take place without half the thread consisting of people’s anecdotal whining about how they personally find 3D glasses uncomfortable?

  • To each their own.

    I prefer 3D when it’s used properly, not as a gimmick but to immerse you in a new world for an hour and a half. I wonder how far off ‘movies in the round’ are?

    I like Teddy Newton’s work a lot and I can’t wait to see how 3D is used conceptually in his film. I honestly was gonna skip Toy Story 3 (will be on vacation when it opens), but now I wanna see it if that short’s going to start the film.

  • I’m glad the theaters give you the option so viewers like Kyle can it enjoy without discomfort. For me I’m glad there are 3D movies. I also wear glasses and I have no problem with wearing glasses over top of them; I also have kids and have helped them wear the glasses (a sports strap can help). I loved Up, I took my glasses off at one point and the picture seemed too bright and the color too saturated; I suspect that Pete Docter adjusted the color and brightness to take the glasses into account. I also loved the 3D in Coraline, How to Train your Dragon and Avatar.

    I think it’s interesting that a short being touted as a revelation seen in 3D is hand drawn (at least from the images shown). I’ve been convinced that this form of animation can be excellent in 3D, ever since I saw Ward Kimball’s 3D film for Disney, Melody.

  • Bill Turner

    Sorry, but we’ll keep whining about 3-D until they either make it an unobtrusive part of the experience or make it a necessary part of experience. Many theme park shows do the latter. I saw Avatar in 3-D Imax and it was ok. Then I saw the 2-D Blu-Ray clips and the color and clarity blew me away.

    Movies have been allowing audiences to immerse themselves in new worlds for over a century. It’s imagination and suspension of disbelief. 3-D too often slaps the viewer out of that immersion by showing a new trick or gimmick.

    That said, I like Teddy’s work and will give it a chance. I hope it surprises me.

  • Robert Schaad

    Looking forward to checking this out.

  • elan

    Waaaah! I hate ice cream with sprinkles!!! The way its all crunchy and ruins the creaminess of the ice cream which is so distracting! I haaaaate it so much!!!!

    What? I can get my ice cream without sprinkles? And it costs less too?


  • I like the 3D revivals because they reveal an otherwise latent urban character: the 350 lb. guy with a comb-over who has to make sure everyone within hearing distance knows it’s *the glasses* that make him look silly.

    I was going to skip 3D for TS3 but now that the short is 3D-must-see I guess I’ll do it. Still not going to see Pirahna 3D, even in 2D.

  • I’m confused by what 3D means these days.

    Do we mean 3D(*done in computers) or 3D in theaters (*with glasses)?

    I guess there’s also CGI. But doesn’t that put Flash in that category also.

    Nontheless, I’ll be “renting” this movie. I’m not thrilled of another Toy Story (*milkin it) but i DO want to see this short. Cant’ wait!

  • Im more excited for this than Toy Story

  • K. Borcz

    I saw it in 2d at a screening of Toy Story 3 on Saturday for the Comer Children’s hospital. It was clever and fun, and I can see how seeing it in 3d might make seeing this in 3d more than a novelty.