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The Hunt is On in “Hound” by Olivia Blanc and Marion Delpech

Just who is being hunted in Hound, the Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation graduate film from Olivia Blanc and Marion Delpech? While this singular question is central to the blissfully unencumbered storytelling of this short film, you are challenged to remember it as you become lost in the juxtaposition of monochromatic starkness and bursts of rich color.

Directed by Olivia Blanc and Marion Delpech
Sound design by Florian Calmer

  • i was pretty let down with the recursive story thing, but the lighting and layouts were super super good, just eye candy. and dat dog design. the dark blue on black for the shadowed forest was just perfect, yes

  • Crispy Walker

    I loved this so much. The visuals were fantastic and gave me a really strong Franz Marc-like feeling, down to the blue dog. I wish someone would build up the courage to make a full length feature in a style more along the lines of something like this. Animation can be so open; I don’t understand why everything made by a major studio has to look so realistic now.The shot choices mixed with the stylization of the piece, the dominance of the black on the screen and the environment painted in blue linework that beautifully changes to full bright color when illuminated by the flashlight gave that vague foreboding mood that helped the story out tremendously. I bought into thinking the dog was gonna attack the guy who i assumed was lost in the woods or had just escaped from somewhere, so I actually enjoyed the twist of the non-linear plot.

  • Florian CALMER

    Thanks Cartoon Brew for sharing !
    I’m the sound designer for this short. I hope you like it !
    Feel free to take a look at my previous work : http://www.hypnago.com