“Timber” by Adam Fisher “Timber” by Adam Fisher
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“Timber” by Adam Fisher

Adam Fisher, an animator at Laika, created Timber in his spare time. It’s worth a chuckle, and finishes off with a nice message.

  • http://www.mukpuddy.com Mukpuddy

    That was really cool!

  • http://www.arielvillaverde.com Ariel

    That was hilarious!

    Yay.. for personal projects! :)

  • Bobby


  • http://aalong64.blogspot.com Aaron Long

    This is pretty cool. Although there are a few possible ways he could’ve made this video, I still found myself wondering “how did he do that?” at the end.

  • http://www.mainefishproductions.com Adam

    Thanks for putting this up!

  • Thomas Hatch


  • NC

    The Environmental Protection Agency should use that for they’re commercials.

  • greg m.


  • http://zeteos.blogspot.com/ mick

    I thought that was going to be crap and then it was marvellous

    the mad f*ckers are trying to sell off the forests in england right now so this is rather apt

    • Ariel

      Just curious, what inclines you to say that at first, you thought this short was going to look like crap? Do you know this person? Are you friends? Do you jab eachother online for kicks??

  • Grimmy


  • http://www.kustomkool.com kevin dougherty

    Neat. And for anyone out there who has not used freesounds.org (they get a plug in the end) it’s a great, useful website with quality sounds and they really are free.

  • http://www.tomkurzanski.com Tom Kurzanski

    Fantastic! Love it, Adam.