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“Una Furtiva Lagrima” by Carlo Vogele

Carlo Vogele has a knack for imbuing inanimate objects with personality. He’s told stories with lighting fixtures, socks, and now (with an assist from Enrico Caruso), fish.

It’s fitting that a meditation on the tragic destiny of fish would be illustrated using actual fish. Earlier this year, when Vogele posted the trailer for Una Furtiva Lagrima, we discovered that there are good reasons why animators don’t typically use dead fish as models. Vogele’s effort was well spent, though, resulting in a singular and strikingly original piece of animated fimmaking.

  • CARLO! you are brilliant, my friend. fantastic mood and concept. ever since those CalArts days i’ve been a great fan, and will continue to be. hope life is super an all…

  • Sah Wan Sun

    Hahaha, awesome little film! Love the timing with the music, especially when the poor guy hits the frying pan. Well done!

  • this was my favorite film at Ottawa!

  • Mmm, that made me hungry!!
    That was pretty great, though. So much emotion in subtle movements.