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Cartoon Brew Gets Its Own Podcast: The Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum

You’ve read Cartoon Brew for years, but starting next week, you’ll be able to hear it, too.

Welcome Joel Frenzer and Alan Foreman, the rowdy bad boys of the animation podcasting world and hosts of the interview series Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum.

Frenzer and Foreman launched their show in 2010 and have recorded thirty-five episodes to date. Beginning with the next episode of Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum, the show will introduce a new fast-paced HALF-HOUR format with episodes debuting exclusively on every two weeks.

In each episode, Joel and Alan invite movers and shakers of the animation community on their comedy hot-seat for bourbon-fueled chit-chat about animation, art, culture, filmmaking, life, and Joel’s dog.

The Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum is recorded and produced in Brooklyn, New York, but we’re hatching plans to send our adventurous duo on the road to far-flung locales like Los Angeles and perhaps even a major international animation festival or two.

Here’s a little bit about your new hosts:

Joel Frenzer is an independent filmmaker whose films have screened at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. He is also a professional animator with numerous industry credits, voice actor, puppeteer, exhibiting fine artist and sound designer. He has taught and assisted animation classes at Harvard University, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Pratt Institute, and is currently the full-time professor of animation at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. 

Alan Foreman has worked on numerous TV and web series including Home Movies, Hey, Monie, Time Warp Trio, Word Girl, Speed Racer: The Next Generation and Cat Slap, the latter which he created for Mondo Media. He is currently working as a freelance animator for clients that include Buck, Hornet Inc, TED Ed, Nick Jr, The Electric Company, Six Point Harness, and Michel Gondry.

  • Diego

    Looking forward to listening to it.

    Just wondering, why the Russian constructivist aesthetic?

    • AmidAmidi

      Frenzer and Foreman are a revolution in animation podcasting!

    • z-k

      Is interesting the lack of National Socialist art trends in Western advertising, even with comparable numbers to Russian soap manufacture.

      • Diego

        haha Explained! Reminds me of Tyler Stout’s work.

  • Hmmm. . . It’ll be interesting to hear in the shorter format.

  • Larry Ruppel

    I quite like the incorporation of a peg bar in their logo. Plus their interviews are lots of fun to listen to, like hanging out with an animator friend over drinks!

  • James Madison

    Congrats. Looking forward to it.

  • Bring it on, FF!

  • Congrats guys! I got to meet the Double F’s a few years back at OAF and see a live recording. Love the podcast and looking forward to hearing more

  • kev

    I used to listen to this podcast because I couldn’t find many others. When I eventually found others I tuned straight out of this, they rarely talk animation, it’s more about them talking nonsense and trying to be funny. Hopefully being on CB they will pull their finger out and make it a bit more on topic!

    • julia

      What are some of the podcasts that you found? I still can’t find any