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CartoonBrew.com Hires Four New Writers

Cartoon Brew is expanding its editorial staff. Today we welcome four contributing writers to the website. The new contributors each promise to bring passionate knowledge and a unique point of view into the animation discussion.

Cartoon Brew’s investment in editorial talent allows the site to further position itself as the leading animation news and commentary website while reaffirming its commitment to covering a wide range of ideas and issues related to the animation community.

The four writers will focus on specific areas of the ever-expanding animation art form: Chris McDonnell will explore the intersection of animation and illustration art, Chappell Ellison will look at design culture in animation, Michael Ruocco will explore the development of animation techniques and classic animation created by the art form’s masters, and C.Edwards will provide coverage of industry trends and the lighter side of animation’s impression on popular culture.

As the site’s 9th anniversary approaches next week, we’re thrilled to mark the beginning of a new era in Cartoon Brew’s ongoing evolution. But first, let’s do some introductions:

CHRIS MCDONNELL works on television and book projects. He has created animation for shows such as Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!, Eagleheart, Portlandia, Yo Gabba Gabba, Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, and Tom Goes to the Mayor. Chris’s books include Sasquatch’s Big Hairy Drawing Book and Unfiltered: The Complete Ralph Bakshi. He teaches an “Intro to 2D computer animation” class at the University of the Arts and works from his studio, McD Workshop, in Philadelphia. Chris is a founding member of the Meathaus comics/art collective and posts at Meathaus.com and publishes anthologies of sketchbooks and comics.

CHAPPELL ELLISON is an award-winning design writer and critic based in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to contributing to various publications, she has lent her editorial skills to several visual arts-based institutions and companies, including the Museum of Modern Art, Design Observer, Etsy and the Museum of the Moving Image. Chappell regularly lectures at universities and currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts. She blogs often and tweets twice as much.
MICHAEL RUOCCO is a recent graduate from the animation program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He lives in Burbank, California where he works as an artist in the animation industry. As an aspiring animation historian, Michael has assisted on several animation-related books including The Art of Brave and the forthcoming Full Steam Ahead: The Life and Art of Ward Kimball. He founded and edits Smears, Multiples and Animation Gimmicks on Tumblr, which has over 100,000 subscribers.
C.EDWARDS is a New York-based writer and cartoonist who has animated on award winning projects for national broadcast on a variety of networks, including ABC, CBS, PBS, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. He served as a contributing writer of arts and culture editorial for publications like the New York Press, CityArts and The West Side Spirit as well as the websites Out and Queerty. He spends his time tweeting, singing songs from Don Bluth’s Thumbelina, hunting down the perfect Ursula statuette, and writing and drawing his nationally syndicated alt-comic strip, Abel Boddy.
  • Awesome!

    Curious, have any of these people animated anything in CG? Games? Not to be a dick but considering most of your traffic/ comments comes from CG related/influenced projects I find it curious you have no one with any real working knowledge for the machnations of the current 3d animation industry.

    Also, I dug the cartoon biz area, anyone specifically handling that sort of aspect of the site? Yea, it seemed to have devolved into posting area for press releases eventually but I still found it interesting to see what studios were saying and having cartoon brew’s regular posting to balance that out out.

    If I’m asking too much for a free site, put up a donate button and I’ll kick in a few shekels. Again, can’t wait to wast- I mean invest… yea, that’s it… invest more time into educating myself and appreciating the industry I’m in and it’s current trends…

    • AmidAmidi

      Abel – Thanks for the support. Funny you should mention CG/games coverage. Haven’t posted an announcement yet, but Cartoon Brew’s next writer will be focused on that very topic. Looking for someone preferably based in Vancouver.

      Also, I have to point out that while CG-related posts are popular, they don’t generate “most of our traffic.” Check out the variety of our top posts from last year.

  • While it’s still going to feel weird with the absence of Jerry Beck, I’m nonetheless interested with how Cartoon Brew is going to be handled for the foreseeable future.

  • Steve

    Welcome four new voices, lets hear them.

    interesting that one seems to be able to put “I tweet a lot’ under skills in their CV these days…

    ah one more quesiton are you planing on getting someone to cover Europes animation scene at some point in the future. I hear there are about a handful of studios in the UK and France :)

  • Caitlin

    Full Steam Ahead forthcoming eh? :)

    • AmidAmidi

      Of course ;)

  • I’m definitely excited to hear from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds. I am really glad of this move. I was hoping that there would be others hired, and I like that each person has their own strengths and profession within the overall field of animation. Looking forward to seeing what comes from this in the near future. It sounds like you’re on the lookout for more voices and backgrounds in animation, so I look forward to seeing who else joins the team.

    I’ve always liked Cartoon Brew, and this makes me even more excited for it.

  • Joel

    I’m really excited for this! I know Michael Ruocco’s a fantastic artist/animator/cartoonist and can’t wait to read from the other new writers! ^___^

  • paul

    congrats on taking the site to the level…
    you should hire mark mayerson to contribute!

  • JK Riki

    Cool! Hope they’re all positive people! We could all use more positivity. :)

  • Ted W

    It seems unusual that the strengths of these new writers do not significantly overlap the strengths that Jerry Beck brought to Cartoon Brew.

  • Roberto Severino

    I love Michael Ruocco’s work! Great choice getting him on board, but I had crossed my fingers that Thad Komorowski or Mark Mayerson would become contributors to this website. IMHO, They would have a lot to offer too.

  • James Madison

    Sad to see Jerry leaving, but excited about the new writers.

    Welcome aboard.