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Introducing the Cartoon Brew Job Board


We are very excited to announce today the launch of Cartoon Brew Jobs, a new resource for the animation community. If you’re an employer looking to connect with a diverse community of animation professionals, or if you’re an artist searching for your dream animation job, we’re here to help.

A job search platform has been the most requested feature on Cartoon Brew for some time now. It was important for us though to not launch a job board simply because we could, but to start it when we were confident it could provide appreciable value to both job seekers and employers. Today, with the site’s unique visitors at an all-time high and with resources at our disposal to manage the job board, we feel the timing is right.

Launching a job board at this moment in history also reflects the evolving nature of the animation industry. Not only has a fantastic amount of new talent joined the industry over the last five years, but today’s artists are more decentralized than ever, often living in far-flung locales away from the traditional industry hubs. Studio owners routinely tell me about how some of their most valued artists live in different states—and even different countries. With tens of thousands of daily readers, Cartoon Brew is uniquely positioned to connect studios and  artists, regardless of where either is located.

Our Goal

The mission of Cartoon Brew Jobs is quality over quantity. We intend to offer a curated collection of worthwhile employment opportunities from respected companies in the following areas:

  • TV production
  • Film production
  • Broadcast design
  • Motion graphics
  • CG/VFX
  • Web animation
  • Interactive/app design
  • Teaching positions

All job postings will be reviewed by our job board manager to ensure that the work offers are appropriate for the board. We also won’t accept job listings for unpaid positions; even internships must be paid positions.

Over the coming months, we will continue to refine Cartoon Brew Jobs with new tools to make the board more robust and user-friendly. Share your suggestions, and we will make an effort to incorporate them.


Find out more about how the job board works at this page. If you’re ready to give it a spin, we are currently offering a limited number of free trials to qualifying companies. If you’d like to try out the job board, send a request with your company’s name via this form.

Job seekers

Stay tuned to the job board. The board is available through the top navigation bar, and we will offer regular editorial posts to keep you informed of new opportunities.

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  • james

    THANKYOI. Hopefully these postings are moderated so there aren’t any ridiculous requests. Like lol “I need an animator to animate 2 mins. for $300”

    • AmidAmidi

      We will try our hardest to present serious job offers only.

    • Ant G

      public freelance websites are full of those. the most common “I need someone to animate an entire pilot so I can pitch a show. Pay will come if the show is bought”

  • Wayne


  • Sota de Lioncourt


  • Toonio

    As long you can filter jobs from back breaking labor to production assistant cushy job, I’d dig it.

  • Ashley A. Knapp

    I’m not at a skill level yet where I’d be good enough to apply for jobs. but this is really cool. Thank you for implementing it. :)

  • The inclusion of internships on the job board is definitely a wise choice in opening this resource to both professional and entry level animators. That first jab at cracking into the industry always sounds like the hardest part (in any field for that matter), am eager to hear how this helps make that jab more accessible.

  • Pedro Nakama


  • Chad Townsend

    Amid… Not sure if your approach will be anything like Linked in… but I’d suggest tying it to linked-in as far as recommendations, resume etc. My resume and recommends have been pretty important to showing my value. BTW reading the article above I am a designer working for WB animation and I live in Texas. They’ve been awesome to me and make me feel like a value to them. I bust my tail for the excellent treatment. I want to be able to show that i am a good resource to these studios. For what they pay its good income as long as I don’t live in their area. So a board for guys like myself would be a great resource. Thx.

    • AmidAmidi

      Thanks for those ideas, Chad. We’ll definitely explore ways of integrating with LinkedIn. At this point, the board doesn’t offer a backend for job seekers, but we may add one if there is enough demand for it.

  • Ryoku240

    This will be a very beneficial service for those that apply, I wish them the best of luck in the animation world.

  • slowtiger

    Nice one. I guess in the beginning you’ll list jobs in US and Canada only, but very soon the options will cover the world. At that moment it would be nice to be able to filter the location continent-wise, or even have a category for “remote work” for those who are quite happy to work from home.

    • AmidAmidi

      Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into adding more extensive filtering options as it grows.

  • AmidAmidi

    Compared to other niche job boards like MediaBistro or Mashable, our rates are actually super-affordable. More importantly though, your comment speaks precisely to why it’s time for a resource like this. Yes, a company can make their needs known to the Animation Guild, and post their openings on Facebook and Twitter, and promote their listings on their own website OR they can post a listing on the website with the biggest readership in the industry. Our long-term goal is to make Cartoon Brew Jobs an indispensable community resource, and we will evolve its format as necessary to make that happen.

  • starss

    Who is the guy in the top photo?

    • AmidAmidi

      Stock dude.

  • Steele Carter

    This is a really cool idea. So far, I don’t see anything, but it was just launched, so, I’ll be patient. Thanks so much for doing this. This is a brilliant idea and I will most definitely keep my eye on the board!

  • Al

    Excellent! A much needed resource.

  • Animation Guild: Limited geographic audience
    Facebook Twitter: Also limited by social connections.

    Job boards are a great way to find NEW talent.

  • Christian Vasquez

    This is so awesome

  • James Madison

    Kudos CartoonBrew.

  • AnimationGuy

    Congratulations. This is great news.

  • Awex

    Love that you guys aren’t posting unpaid positions/ internships. Very good.

  • Picassosaurus

    Why would I spend any time giving Amid exact answers? Advice and constructive criticism is help, I don’t work for him.

    And I don’t know why you’re on his defense when Amid is always negatively criticizing the ideas of others without providing solutions because, “that’s not (his) job.”

  • Aleksey Voznessenski

    job board section seems to be done :(

  • Aleksey Voznessenski

    job board section seems to be done :(

    • AmidAmidi

      It’s relaunching in May. This was the beta test.