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Stop Motion

It’s A Spongebob Stop-Mo Christmas

When was the last time a prime-time TV Christmas Special was really special? I’ve seen this one – and it really is. Nickelodeon’s first full-length stop-motion animated special, It’s A SpongeBob Christmas! will premiere on CBS on Friday Nov. 23th, then begin airing about two weeks later on Nickelodeon, Thursday 12/6 at 8pm ET/PT. Inspired by the classic Rankin/Bass specials of the past, and featuring John Goodman and the voice of Santa Claus, the show was animated by Mark Cabellero and Seamus Walsh at Screen Novelties in Los Angeles. The special is available for purchase on DVD starting today.

Production on the show began in October 2011. Sixty pounds of baking soda, 42 pounds of glitter, 22 pounds of wood chips and 20 boxes of breakfast cereal were used to create the film’s sets. I made a quick visit to Screen Novelties studio a few weeks ago to get a first hand look at some of the props and puppets and talk to the guys. Join me by clicking the video below…

  • akira

    this was a really awesome cartoon brew feature!!!!! great job on the SPECIAL, you guys, and jerry, thanks for taking us behind the scenes over there! it’s so cool to see behind the scenes at an animation studio, i hope you’ll do more! and the dvd’s only 7 bucks at amazon, i’m gunna go buy right now!!!

  • Mat H

    Really interesting. More making of videos!!!!!! This is great.

  • Saw a few clips at Comic Con and it was fantastic! Can’t wait to see it :)

  • Chris Walker

    WEE! I see adventure time art in the back! Could we be getting an Adventure Time stop motion episode in the future too!?

  • Justin Delbert

    I saw the DVD at Wal-Mart the Saturday BEFORE it came out today. It’s gonna air on CBS? COOL!!!

  • As much as I’ve despaired of the writing quality of Sponge since beyond the movie….I dunno, I *may* be tempted to watch this sorely due to the stop-motion angle they’re going for here. Which looks incredible.

    Highly informative and intriguing video also, Jerry. Wonderful to see a behind-the-scenes coverage that is 100% natural and 0% staged/exaggerated :)

  • Thanks for taking us behind the scenes on this special! It looks really cool. Now I want to go do my own stop-motion.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Great video Jerry. Can’t wait to see the show.

  • andrew ortiz

    Thank you Jerry! that made my day!

  • Kevin H.

    Looks so AWRSUM!

  • Brian O.

    Great work, Jerry! Showcasing an independent studio like Screen Novelties is SO refreshing. Seeing bits and pieces of their studio was a real treat.

    SN does really great, fun work.

  • Joshua

    I GOT IT AT WALMART ON THE 3RD!!!!!!!!!! TAKE THAT CBS AND NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • justin rasch

    Fantastic peek into the magic castle….this is so exciting!!!

  • Thank you. That was great.

  • My favorite part was when they showed the various sculpted Spongebob faces, and the squashed/stretched key shapes. Just like drawing ’em crazy, but with real sponge!

  • NAveryW

    Is the first line of the article implying “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” wasn’t really special?

    • Corwin Haught

      It was an episode of its show which ran in its normal slot at the normal run length.

  • Toby

    This looks great. When I was young I loved to watch the RB specials every Christmas, hopefully this provides something similar for a younger generation. Its great to see them doing something like this.

  • Tim Hodge

    Please tell me that they made ViewMaster® reels of this show!

  • Sarah

    Thanks for the behind the scenes video! I can’t wait for this special. Squidward looks hilarious in metallic paint.

  • CTM

    This is a genuinely great idea. I mean, Spongebob’s been past his prime for a while now, but this honest to god sounds really cool. Even if the writing isn’t the best, it’s sure to be a visual treat at least. Definitely gonna watch.

  • Great little tour, Jerry! Loved your simple yet significant questions. Straight to the point.
    Would love to see more of these kind of short specials made, to get insights in productions and studio’s.

  • Aliyah

    This is gonna be so great!
    I have so much respect for stop-motion animators. There’s so much that goes into making them! I took a class on stop-motion in college last year… There was an attempt. I’ll say that much. lol