A Christmas Treat A Christmas Treat

A Christmas Treat

This fun little Christmas short by students (Jess Hilliam, Carlyle Wilson, Lillian Lai, Mike Jones, Courtney Pearson and Josh Pan) from North Vancouver’s Capilano University’s was the final for their first semester 3D program.

  • Julian Carter

    As someone who has tried basic CG (in Autodesk 3D Studio Max) I can understand how difficult it must have been to model and animate this little short, even if the visuals leave much to be desired (I suppose the students only just started their CG training).

    I’m really bothered with the story though. I’m not sure how they went to animation with such a weak setup. I’m not sure how I was supposed to interpret the ending. If I were them, I think I would have kept the extended attack scene, and then cut immediately to the aftermath with a jolly song in the background. Of course, the effect would have been that of dark comedy. They did something similar, but the timing is off. They were soft and flaccid in their editing where they should have sharp and aggressive.

    My thoughts.

  • I enjoyed the Wilhelm scream.

  • Dutch

    From what I understand, the students (6 of them) had three weeks to pull off a short film from scratch (Story Concept/Modeling/Lighting,Rigging,Rendering,Animating,Editing/Sound), so it will leave room to be desired. They’re CG students, not Story/Editing, Film direction students, and like Jerry mentioned, it’s the final for their FIRST semester.

    It’s a dark, sarcastic take on the destiny facing Christmas treats. I wouldn’t look too far beyond it.

    A pretty rough, but all together funny short.
    Awesome job.

    • B.Bonny

      3 weeks? That’s amazing! They turned out a surprisingly well done dark satire on Xmas morality, consumerism and hypocracy. Clearly these folks have a bright future ahead of them in the like minded animation industry.

      • Matt

        Hmmm… nope, I’m pretty sure they just thought it was funny to have a Christmas treat apocalypse.

  • Maurice

    The film flops because there’s nothing to it. It starts off cheery, then the cute lil egg nog gets it, after that, it’s just running around and screaming. There’s no narrative here, and that kills it worse than any flaws int he animation. I mean, it could’ve been wonderfully ironic to find that these poor little treats are being eaten by Santa as his milk n cookies treat, or something…anything.

    • Old Man Father Time

      First of all, it’s only minutes long which hinders any kind of story development. Also, I thought the arm belonged to a little kid, not Santa. …. it looks way to skinny for him.

  • John

    I had a big smile on my face the entire time. I loved it.

  • Tasty holiday treats coming alive always ends in tragedy…

    • The Gee

      Just like the Gingerbread Man.