“Earlth & Moonch” by Dei Gaztelumendi “Earlth & Moonch” by Dei Gaztelumendi

“Earlth & Moonch” by Dei Gaztelumendi

In honor of Earth Day, we present Dei Gaztelumendi’s graduation film from Sheridan College:

(Thanks, Christian Dan Bejarano)

  • YEEAHH!! Go Dei!

  • Toonio

    The animation and models were awesome. I really liked the pooch.

    Now the message doesn’t play very well,. Watch the whole clip without audio (a must for every animator) and you’ll get a different message.

  • If this was a Gobelins or Supinfocom the designs would be more interesting ,better rendered and the Dog would chase Planet Earth all thru space, ducking comets and jumping over the models of all the other 8 planets.

    This concept is brilliant tho.
    The visual gag of the American Flag is well shown.
    I like that fact that this film is not pretentious.

    • Kris

      Is it only me thinking that ‘chasing’ Gobelins films are boring and the styles are very over done?
      They are superbly trained in visual sense of skills, but I honestly do not believe that this film should be considered any less valuable than any Gobelin films.
      I know bunch of guys believe Gobelins sutff is best in the world thing, but I honestly do not think Goblins films are any greater than many other great student films being made in other schools, which most of them are hard to even take a peep if you’re not socially related to the students. Gobline films are great, no doubt about that but I don’t think their films should be the ‘perfect standard’ of what good student film has to be. Everything has a good and bad, and it’s not impossible to find something bad in Gobelin films either.

      • Turn up your Levels of Sarcasm Detection friend.;)

  • Andrew

    Fantastic work!

    Dei is a very talented animator and will be going far in his career :D!

    congrats Senior Dei!

  • Go Dei! :)

  • Excellent!

    They should use this as the signature piece to promote the upcoming Open House.