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“The Reward” and other films from Denmark’s Animation Workshop

The talk of the town this morning is this friggin’ brilliant short – The Reward – an epic “hero’s journey” in nine minutes (take that, Peter Jackson). This graduation film was directed by Mikkel Mainz and Kenneth Ladekjaer (and their team: Glenn August, Jonas Andreassen, Josefine Hannibal, Karen Bennetzen, Ole Christian Loken, Paolo Giandoso and Tanja Nielsen) at Denmark’s Animation Workshop.

Animator/teacher Mike Nguyen (Iron Giant) recently forwarded this and links to five other great films and trailers from this year’s graduating class. Mike gives a a 2-3 week workshop on character animation to first year students. (Mike is currently based in Korea, teaching traditional animation there).

Go to the link to explore further work from this outstanding school. Below I’ve embed a few of my other favorites.

Under The Fold (Director: Bo Juhl Nielson)

Memoria (Director: Elisabit Yr Atladottir)

The Odd Sound Out (Directors: Pernille Sihm, Ida Maria Schouw Andreasen)

  • D

    Wow that was friggin awesome. The Reward might just be one of the best student shorts no one of the best shorts I have seen all year. The whole short itself is really just excellence in execution all around. I liked the character animation with its frail shaky line work and rough motion. The backgrounds from an artistic standpoint are phenomenal, well detailed and aesthetically charming. The story is just epic, a simple concept but epic and well done in how it is told. Honestly I hope the talented group of animators and directors on this project churn out more quality pieces like this.

    As for the other pieces they all have some benefits to them but they aren’t quite as good as The Reward. Though I feel I should mention that I did enjoy and appreciate the artistic style of The Odd Sound and I must admit as far as CG shorts go Memoria trumps most of the CG animation being perfected in North America and elsewhere with its unique visuals and solid concept. Overall great work all around.

  • Oh my gosh ‘The Odd Sound out’ was soooo cute!!! I liked ‘The Reward’ but ‘The Odd Sound Out’ touched my heart!!! Can’t it be nominated for an Academy award or something??? I LOVED IT!

  • Hey I also wanted to say, thank you so much for posting the international stuff. I check Cartoon Brew every day and it’s really refreshing to see what’s going on. (I only really look at blogs, but I always come here for the news). Thanks again!

  • JoeCorrao

    watched the Reward…awesome…6:19 is the Wilhelm Scream

  • Teebeem

    The Reward is magnificent! A lot of charm and great storytelling.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    The Reward was simply amazing. I adored how an entire story without words could be told within 9 minutes.

    As for the Odd Sound Out–that was such a creative and cute concept.

  • DBenson

    I expected funny and got funny. What I didn’t expect was how much genuine storytelling and character they packed into a short with no dialogue and minimal facial expression. I wish success to everybody involved, but I sort of hope they resist the temptation to expand this.